July 1, 2022

Weekly Report 22-33

OVER HALF OF AMERICAN MEALS AT HOME ARE EATEN WHILE WATCHING TV OR SCROLLING A SMARTPHONE, “despite evidence that mindful eating is the best way to eat less, healthier, reduce stress and aid digestion.”  Also, based on latest Datassential survey of thousands about their eating habits: (1) More time is spent preparing meals than eating;... Continue
June 15, 2022

Weekly Report 22-32

STUDIES FIND THAT EMPLOYEES SPEND UP TO 2½ HOURS DAILY DEALING WITH DRAMA which stems from “complainers – powerless people who blame something other than themselves and expect others to fix their problems – and who know it’s easier to complain than to seek solutions.” Reality is that when co-workers or managers do fix someone’s... Continue
June 11, 2022

Weekly Report 22-31

BLUE IS CONSISTENTLY THE MOST FAVORITE COLOR OF HUMANS, based on multiple studies over many years in many cultures, which researchers attribute mostly to something which emerges from childhood based on ‘favorite things.’ Crayola surveys of American kids find they consistently pick four shades of blue among their top ten colors. Black emerges by age... Continue
June 5, 2022

Weekly Report 22-30

FOR ALMOST EVERY BUSINESS DEPENDENT ON INVENTORIES, THE CYCLE HAS NOW INCREASED, in response to uncertainty of product availability – a triple-storm from pandemic and political supply-chain issues, customer on-line ordering, and shortage of workers. The trade-off from flexible just-in-time stockpiling, which optimized efficiency & cash flow but has been dependent on “a largely frictionless... Continue
May 30, 2022

Weekly Report 22-29

THE U.S. WORKFORCE IS UNDERGOING MAJOR RESTRUCTURING, as 80% of Gen Z workers now prioritize “working for an employer that aligns with their beliefs about diversity, equity & inclusion.” Additionally, of those who’ve left or are now considering leaving, over seven in ten claim the decision was based on “inflexible work policy.” According to latest... Continue