Weekly Reports March 2022

March 29, 2022

Weekly Report 22-17

  • MOST FAMILY & CLOSELY-HELD COMPANIES FAIL TO OPTIMIZE POTENTIAL BY NOT UTILIZING ADVISORY BOARDS, unaware of the unique value from perspective beyond the skills & experience within their organization. Even among companies who do have Boards: (1) Many are appointed... Continue
  • March 24, 2022

    Weekly Report 22-16

  • OPTIMIZING BUSINESS OR PERSONAL RESULTS ALWAYS REQUIRES ONGOING STRATEGIC PLANNING, initially based on vision of the leadership.  Before prioritizing or taking tactical steps for organizational initiatives/ personnel/ processes/ procedures/ facilities/ etc., the always initial critical factor is developing clarity &... Continue
  • March 18, 2022

    Weekly Report 22-15

  • LEADERS OFTEN AVOID DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS WITH EMPLOYEES, instead complaining and blaming others for their discomfort. Beyond normal personality trait to simply avoid conflict, this also stems from the fact that such avoidance is socially acceptable, and that talking about uncomfortable... Continue
  • March 15, 2022

    Weekly Report 22-14

  • SOME 100 MILLION AMERICANS COMPLAIN ABOUT NOT GETTING A ‘GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP’ (according to Dep’t of Labor surveys), especially about trouble falling back and staying asleep after middle-of-night waking, aka ‘onset’ & ‘maintenance’ insomnia. Since sleep cycles are around 90-minutes,... Continue
  • March 9, 2022

    Weekly Report 22-13

  • THE COMMAND-AND-CONTROL MODEL OF EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP – “and the notion that one is lucky to have a job at all” – is history. In today’s world, it’s about motivation and inspiration which is demonstrated by empathy with expectations of job... Continue