• Re RISK ASSESSMENT FROM CORONAVIRUS IMPACT ON INSURANCE POLICIES:  While government Emergency financial support is being developed, be aware that standard contract clauses address the scope of business interruption, supply chain disruption & other applicable insurance benefits. ‘Force Majeure’ clauses excuse an insurance company from obligation due to an event or effect that could not have been anticipated or controlled. Clearly this includes hurricanes, earthquakes & other natural disasters, terrorism, embargoes, labor strikes, and so forth. Typically, contracts also define ‘Acts of God’ in varying explicit cases like epidemics. But Pandemics are seldom defined, and COVID-19 may or not fall under the ‘outside of human control that cannot be predicted or prevented’ circumstance. Before assuming you have coverage, check with your insurance and legal counsel.
  • AND BEWARE: NEWEST HACKING SCAM IS CORONAVIRUS DASHBOARD MAPS’ which prompt downloading for updates of how COVID-19 is spreading – real-time, accurate information from World Health Org and others.  However, they are a “front for attackers to also generate a pre-loader malicious binary file which infects your computer with malware to steal browsing history, cookies, cryptocurrency, ID, passwords, and download additional malware to collect data… Use caution; they pose as genuine coronavirus tracking maps, but have a different URL or details.” [NEXTWEB .COM – 3/12/20]
  • ESPECIALLY IF WORKING AT HOME, MANAGING YOUR TIME IS A CRITICAL ASPECT OF PRODUCTIVITY.  A quick-tip reminder: (1) Reality check your To-Do-List to ensure that priorities are focused on tasks that are clear and important; (2) Avoid pre-emption from matters which may sound ‘urgent’ to somebody, but aren’t priority important to you; (3)  Put the hard stuff at the top – the tasks which “move the needle, serve your priorities, and impact your job or life”; (4) Set specific outcomes & timelines for actions on the List; “don’t let it morph into a blob list for easy stuff because that feels good to strike something off”; (5) Try working in ‘sprints’ – e.g. 15-minutes timed – without distraction, including checking computer or phone.  [FAST COMPANY – 3/9/20]
  • ‘POP UP COMMUNITY’ CHATROOM PRIORITIES CONTINUE TO EXPAND FOR THE Z-GENERATION. “Sleep Streams are the newest trend, involving teens “propping up phones on a nightstand or taping their phone to a window, in order to ‘livestream’ themselves sleeping, or their car/truck sleeping in the garage/driveway… so others can watch the authenticity of seeing behind-the-scenes of someone’s life.” Yes, it’s true. [LBN EXAMINER – 3/20/20]
  • AS NEARLY ONE IN FIVE U.S. ADULTS IS NOW LIVING WITH SOME FORM OF MENTAL ILLNESS, and ‘anxiety disorder’ is now impacting some 300 million people worldwide, a major movement is underway to “advance psychedelics as a potential elixir for psychiatric afflictions – including OCD, PTSD, opioid addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, cluster headaches, and suicidal ideation… Taken as a whole, these exact an astronomical toll on society… but in clinical trials, psychedelics are demonstrating both safety & efficacy across the terrain, with psilocybin (the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms) shown to cause a rapid and sustained reduction in anxiety & depression for patients with life-threatening cancer, MDMA (aka ecstasy or molly) proven highly effective at treating patients with persistent PTSD… and Ketamine rapidly reducing life-threatening thoughts or actions… Experience is showing that psychedelics work like rebooting a computer to clear out glitches so the brain tends to be more childlike, playful, imaginative, creative and less judgmental.”  [FORTUNE – Feb 20]

      George Carlin’s answer to the CoronaVirus:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X29lF43mUlo&fbclid=IwAR1zG0UUNw_v8Me1Vje3J8JA64ehUMw0i-2ltwnVVtfvyO9qOebZBOS-3e4%3D