• THE FUTURE OF ‘WORK’ IS AMONG THE MOST MAJOR ISSUE OF OUR TIMES. As the number of ‘Software Robots’ (aka digital workers) “representing the new division of labor between humans and machines – and our evolving co-dependency – are projected to increase 50% next year,” and McKinsey Global suggest that a staggering 400 to 800 million jobs worldwide will be lost to automation in the next decade, the number one emerging job role is now ‘Artificial Intelligence Specialist’ according to LinkedIn. (And these predictions ignore the further impact of Covid-19). Humans are still needed to ‘train’ the machines – over 130 million this year alone, according to World Economic Forum – but these jobs “will require higher level critical thinking & analytical skills” which extremely few displaced workers possess, so rough times are coming. [FORBES – 8/26/20]
  • MOST ELECTION POLLS ARE GARBAGE, combining manipulation with propaganda, for reasons including: (1) Opt-in-Polls – where respondents can seek out, be solicited, or even paid to participate to guarantee a flawed result; (2) Cross-tab/ Methodology – which allows filtering of how people with certain demographic & other info who answered one question one way answered another more desirably; (3) Non-registered or Ineligible voters – like polls based on ‘U.S. adults’ are totally irrelevant; (4) Voting Behavior – is overstated in self-reporting by most respondents; “if only a causal voter, most will not admit it, as to suggest they are not as well-versed as other, more frequent voters”; (5) Incorrect Sampling – based on a subsection disproportionate to the weighted population is useless & biased (especially since voter registration & propensity is available public data in majority of states); (6) Respondent Fatigue – which occurs when people “get tired of poll length and start firing off answers just to wrap it up versus thinking about each question”; (7) Actual voter decisions – which can change in two minutes or hours (much less two months) prior to election, based on any daily happening. Advice: Be practical, un-swayed by media or personality, and focused on the likely outcome of Platforms with a likelihood of follow through. [RED STATE – 9/8/20]
  • NEWEST PSYCHOLOGISTS’ RESEARCH INTO THE RESEMBLANCE BETWEEN DREAMS AND REALITY, dubbed ‘Continuity Analysis,’ suggests that dreams reflect daily experience either as a byproduct of memories or as a “mental testing ground for ideas which may have been put into practice when awake.” Based on over 24K written diaries from mentally healthy people over the past century maintained by U.C.-Santa Cruz, “reports of appearing characters’ social interactions and emotional content, measuring indices of things like the proportion of friendly, sexual & aggressive encounters… suggest that (1) Sexes dream differently in pertinent ways, changing as they age, with men more violent, and women more involving negative social interactions & confrontation; and (2) Life-altering personal experiences correlated to realities of the decade change patterns of dreaming… None answer the question of what dreams are actually for, but bring a closer understanding of what dreaming is about.” [ECONOMIST – 9/5/20]
  • MORE P.C. FOLLIES: FEDERAL HUMAN RESOURCE DEP’T BUREAUCRATS, civil servants who carry over from one Administration to the next, typically push political policies under the guise of HR Compliance, including mandatory training sessions based on “some consultant’s report about what the agency needs to do better.” The latest ‘authoritative’ training “which has percolated through the system to the point that nearly the entirety of federal workforce has gone through indoctrination, is Critical Race Theory’ (CRT) – understanding educational inequality & structural racism… policies & practices that are taken for granted to uncover the over & covert ways that racist ideologies, structures & institutions create and maintain inequality… effectively providing a built-in excuse and alibi for failure, running counter to the concept of taking personal responsibility.” Last week, under the President’s instruction, all federal agencies were sensibly directed by the Office of Personnel Management to stop all mandatory instruction on CRT and on ‘white privilege.[SHIPWRECKEDCREW – 9/7/20]

    “More than half of all storefronts in San Francisco are no longer in business, according to the survey by SF Chamber of Commerce, over 1,300 stores… and might have decided there isn’t enough foot traffic or customer base to make it worthwhile to reopen, with crime, filth, homeless, needles, fear and people defecting in the street in broad daylight while the police do nothing.”  [LBN EXAMINER – 9/6/20]