• A GREAT MANY BUSINESS OR PERSONAL DISPUTES mask some level of emotional element which underlies the stated issues – often becoming the primary obstacle which precludes sensible resolution. DCG provides Informal Mediation services, a process of coaxing parties to focus on core issues, which in most cases facilitates negotiation and compromise to move forward. This process particularly serves disagreements between business associates, conflicts among executive teams or Boards, prenuptial agreements, divorce settlements, and/or dysfunctional family disputes including succession and estate matters. Sessions are conducted in neutral and relaxed settings, versus courtrooms or business premises, also minimizing stress. Decades of experience & expertise in communication, negotiation and interpersonal relationships, combined with technical and business expertise in strategic/ financial/ taxation/ operations/ human resources/ accounting/ business management/ mentorship all contribute to optimally effective and cost-efficient resolution of disputes. Call for courtesy consultation.
  • THE MOVE TO A 24/7 ECONOMY AND REMOTE WORK has resulted in people working more hours at home than at office, creating a “challenge to set boundaries between life domains and the different roles required.” Work-Life balance is about managing & using your time in a manner which “shapes Needs Satisfaction across life domains, essential for mental health.” A model based on some 300 scientific papers across academic disciplines is DRAMMA: (1) Detachment from a work or care-taking activity before engaging in another;        (2) Relaxation – requiring little physical or intellectual effort or social demands; (3) Autonomy – feeling in personal control of choices & actions; (4) Mastery – feeling of achievement & competence; (5) Meaning – engaging in activities with valuable & important opportunities; (6) Affiliation – meaningful relationships or social activities to enhance well-being.  https://psyche.co/guides/why-you-should-forget-work-life-balance-in-crafting-a-good-life
  • REJECTING ‘OBJECTIVITY’ IN JOURNALISM HAS NOW BECOME A MANTRA, for politicians/ bureaucrat advisors/ reporters/ writers/ editors/ commentators/ and academics. Professors & Deans at top universities now suggest that “journalism free itself to develop a sense of social justice and morality.”  Ignoring polls that show ‘trust’ in TV or print media is below 20%, an all-time low, media continue to “destroy the core principles and role of a free press, with false or misleading columns… while outlets like NPR announce that reporters are free to actively participate in activities that advocate for ‘freedom & dignity of human beings,’ on social media and in real life… Based on interviews with over 75 media Leaders, Objectivity is now considered  virtually synonymous with prejudice, that it’s reactionary and ‘has got to go’.”  [ZEROHEDGE – 2/2/23]
  • NEARLY TWO MILLION FEDERAL EMPLOYEES STAFF AGENCIES, DEPARTMENTS AND BUREAUS WHICH ARE OBSOLETE OR IRRELEVANT, costing billions of dollars annually. Meanwhile, although the covid-scare ended 2½ years ago, “many hundreds of thousands of bureaucrat workers have been getting a full-time paycheck without showing up for work, for three years now. They don’t call it Club Fed for nothing… A House bill requiring return to-work was just passed, despite all but six democrats voting ‘no’, in deference to unions funding PACs (Political Action Committees) which fund their campaigns… If the federal workforce was cut in half, would anyone notice or care?”  [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 2/14/23]

 Note for Delaware incorporation Officers:  Delaware Chancery Court has just held that an Officer has “an obligation to assure that an information & reporting system is adequate… and failure to do so may render direct liability for losses caused by non-compliance with applicable legal standards.” The case involved a head of Human Resources who “permitted a culture to develop within the organization that tolerated sexual harassment and related misconduct.”  [MANATT CLIENT ALERT]

 U.C. Berkeley is currently advertising for a  “Director of cell culture, fly food, media prep and on-call glass washing facilities. Applicants need an advanced degree and decade of research experience, along with a Statement on their contributions to advancing diversity, equity & inclusion.” [ECONOMIST]

 “Inside every person is a younger person wondering what happened… The older we get, the fewer things worth waiting in line for, and have learned so much – if only we can remember it… The actually important thing to remember is that we’re probably going to forget it… And when we do remember, the surer we are, the more wrong we can be…