• “NO MATTER HOW INTELLIGENT WE ARE, POLITICS MAKES MORONS OF US ALL… We believe what we want to believe, and neither facts nor evidence ever changes that much.” A new Yale University study asked 1,100 math-skilled participants for their political orientation, then to “analyze the results of a bogus study on a divisive political issue – whether a gun ban decreased or increased crime.” Half got statistical data supporting one position, the other half received opposite data. Turns out that despite data indicating bans don’t work, “liberals with good math skills nonetheless said the stats proved they do work,” and when provided data showed bans do work, “conservatives likewise lost the ability to do the math, and wrongly insisted that that their data proved otherwise… Politics does make morons of us all.” [THE WEEK – Sep 20, 13]
  • GENERATIONAL CONFLICT IN THE WORKPLACE is presumed by nearly half of surveyed managers to be predominantly the fault of Gen Y employees’ poor work ethic, easy distraction, and just different perspective on company ‘loyalty’ (with average tenure of two years, compared to five for Gen Xers and seven years for Boomers). The fact is that newest studies show Millennial job change is perhaps more greatly impacted by “managers failing to set expectations with these kids, along with failing to inform them on criteria for promotions or to suggest a path toward upward mobility… While Millennials need regular feedback and a set of expectations in order to improve and feel engaged,” only one in eight managers give quarterly evaluation, while one in five managers ignore annual performance reviews completely. “When Gen Y employees aren’t performing at the expected level, most of the time it’s because the supervisor is not dictating what that level is… By understanding how to work with Gen Y employees and creating programs that allow them to network, learn and feel part of the company, they can become next leaders – otherwise they’ll be lost to competitors.” DCG has decades of experience in developing strategies, training programs and performance evaluation processes. Let us help you. [HBR BLOG NETWORK – Sep 3,13]
  • HACKERS NOW HAVE THEIR OWN GOOGLE-TYPE ENGINE which searches for devices ranging from baby & heart monitors to cars & traffic lights, to water treatment facilities & power plant controls – all vulnerable to being hacked! It’s estimated that “50 billion devices will be networked by 2020 into an Internet of Things.” Mega-millions of devices and over 2000 facilities are networked currently, which “if someone guesses the IP address, can be taken over… banks, apartment buildings, even Google’s headquarters in Australia have security, lights and heating/cooling systems online that could be controlled by a hacker from anywhere in the world.” A Chinese-manufactured product (‘Shodan’) is a tool used by the good guys (security researchers, academics, law enforcement) “looking for services that shouldn’t be on the internet,” but also by the bad guys “looking for devices that are vulnerable to being hacked.” [FORBES – Sep 23, 13]
  • BEYOND THE MEANINGFULLY INCREASED RISK OF ACCIDENT FROM USING CELLPHONES OR TEXTING WHILE DRIVING IS THE LEGAL RISK. “Accident participants may have devices subpoenaed as evidence in litigation to determine if the driver had been distracted at time of a collision.” And a court case (not California) has recently ruled that “a person far from an accident scene could be responsible for texting a recipient likely to view it while driving.” [SIEFFLAW NWSLTR – Sep 13]
  • “EATING AN APPLE A DAY FOR JUST A MONTH MAY LOWER LDL CHOLESTEROL BY 4O%,” according to new research from Ohio State University. Some 7,500 varieties are all “high in fiber, low in calories, and filled with heart-protecting phytonutrients.” Healthiest are red, organic, thick peeled and refrigerated. [MENS’ HEALTH – Oct 13]:
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: 120 California state legislators earn over $90,000/yr – highest in the nation – for which each represents about 310,000 citizens. In eight states, legislators earn below $10,000/yr. In New Hampshire, 424 state legislators each represent 3,100 citizens and accept compensation of $100 a year.

    “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
    “The most brilliant strategy, unless effectively executed, has limited value… Business strategies must be executed through people, and holding people accountable to the strategy is the most manageable influence on profitability.” – David Kinney