• DID YOUR PRODUCTIVITY TODAY SUFFER FROM PARALYZING ANXIETY?  From being too hard on yourself for yesterday’s mistake?  Or too worried about making incorrect assumptions about tomorrow? Other than needing consistent clarity in personal goals & objectives, “the only thing anyone can truly doto optimize effectiveness is focus on the processes of today… trusting in your execution mindset, with attention and efforts directed to the here and now… Instead of letting your actions be dictated by supervisors & to-do lists, begin acting like the CEO of your own life… to refocus attention, redirect thoughts, become more motivated, have more energy and build more rewarding relationships.”  DCG coaching & counseling is available to employee groups or individuals needing to recharge their strategies for success.  [ADVISOR TODAY – Jul/Aug 14]
  •  “THE GLUE WHICH HOLDS THE NATURAL WORLD TOGETHER appears to be a harmonious balance of opposites: day & night, light & dark, winter & summer, liquid & solid, acidic & alkaline, male & female, wave & trough, proton & electron, and so on…  An implicit unity with a line of separation as thin as it is necessary: yang against yin against yang, distinct but mutually supportive. The line separating tragedy from comedy is broader, deeper, more jagged, although neither as fixed nor as problematic as the one between life & death; and it’s those more glaring oppositions, including desire versus rejection, success versus failure, and especially ‘good’ versus ‘evil’… the ridiculous and the sublime, the surprisingly narrow borderline between things holy & profane, between prayer & laughter…which just might offer a clue to the mystery of being.”  [Tom Robbins]
  •  MILLENNIAL SEMANTICS ARE QUITE DIFFERENT THAN BOOMERS OR GEN Xers.  This has led to “talking past each other” in areas wherethere is actually surprisingly high agreement. A recent foundation poll of 2,400 representative 18 to 30 year olds found that 62% called themselves liberal based on attitudes about pot legalization & gay marriage.  However, over half would vote for a ‘fiscally conservative’ candidate, and 2/3 want a free market economy versus government-owned or managed production, also agreeing that “government is usually inefficient & wasteful, with high skepticism in regards to privacy and ‘nanny state’ regulations… 60% also define fairness less about income disparity and more about getting your due from hard work & achievement – not via the tax code or government redistribution of income. Maybe there’s still hope.  [TIME.COM – July 11, 14]
  • TOP EMPLOYEES CAN HANDLE MOST ANY TASK WELL, so managers tend to rely on a few key “glue people who don’t show up in org charts but are assigned to every task force, on top of their regular duties. From a strategic standpoint, this is always a two-edge sword, since (1) this deprives other employees the opportunity to develop (always a responsibility of management); and (2) “because these top people are spread so thin, they ultimately don’t accomplish all that much” beyond the manager’s peace of mind (and false sense of security).  Call DCG for more perspective.   [INC.COM – Jun 27, 14]
  • YOU USED TO NEED A CONTRACT WITH BOEING TO GET A DRONE. …  The Israeli-Arab conflict has become a miniature of the most relevant divide in the world today: between the ‘world of order’ and the ‘world of disorder.’  Israel faces non-state actors in civilian clothes, armed with homemade rockets and drones, nestled among civilians on four of its five borders. And the traditional means of bringing order seem ineffective: A mini-superpower, keeps pummeling the ragtag Islamist militias in Gaza with its modern air force, but the super-empowered Palestinian militants, leveraging cheap high-tech tools, keep coming back with homemade rockets and even a homemade drone.   [Thomas L. Friedman – LBN eLERT – Jul 16, 14]
  •  THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:   “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”  – Bernard Baruch
  •  “Your whole life passes in front of your eyes before you die. This is called living.” 
  •  Lost in the 1950s & 60s? For a wonderful, quick escape to another time, place, sound and space:  http://safeshare.tv/w/FEDEwZHZXu