• REPLACING KEY EMPLOYEES, beyond the loss of operational knowledge, wisdom and connections, has a projected price tag of up to 150% their annual compensation, plus productivity loss of perhaps a 3-month ramp-up. So employee retention policies & procedures are a critical factor in effective management. In today’s workplace, one of the key issues for employees is Work/Life flexibility which, increasingly, companies are recognizing as beneficial – since, in addition to retention, this can result in higher morale, productivity and cost savings. Transition is challenging but manageable by (1) “Establishing accountability and setting clearly defined expectations as to the amount of work to be generated”; (2) Calendaring periodic face meetings for team members to discuss goals, priorities, issues, etc; and (3) Adopting procedures which limit risk from misinterpretation of electronic communications. DCG has decades of experience in this area; we can help. [CGMA MAGAZINE – Apr/May 15]
  • ONCE NEW EMPLOYEES ARE BROUGHT IN, “the biggest mistake a company can make is to cram hours of mind-numbing employment information into the ‘orientation’ during their first week on the job… Orientations are dumping grounds for compliance and every department wants to shove as much as possible into the time allotted. The result is a jam-packed session of PowerPoints, handouts and talking heads… which unintentionally creates a finger wagging session that leaves new hires weary and dispirited.” More important to millennials is “cementing relationships and learning corporate culture when transitioning into a new job – way ahead of learning new job responsibilities. In fact, 28% report quitting a job because they did not feel connected tot the organization.” Again, DCG can help you optimize this process.” [INTERCHANGE-GROUP BULLETINS – Apr 21 and May 4, 15]
  • RETURN ON INVESTED CAPITAL (ROIC) is the generally accepted measure of how efficiently a business puts money to work. The calculation is relatively simple: net after-tax profit, divided by net working capital (current assets less current liabilities) and long-term tangible assets (property & equipment). When ROIC is greater than the business ‘cost of capital,’ returns are positive and wealth is created; when ROIC is less, a company’s financial health is in jeopardy.
  • A CYNIC’S PERSPECTIVE ON ‘GRATITUDE AS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS,’ espoused by most pop-psychology self-help books, identifies several ironic things to be grateful for: “(1) that our choice of president is limited to only two dynasties or their proxies, which greatly simplifies the process of selecting a figurehead for the Empire and its bankers; (2) that we can watch a full spectrum of entertainment, ranging from depraved to dreadfully unfunny, on any device at any time, providing white noise to help block out any troubling urge to wonder what we might feel if not constantly distracted; (3) that our national obsession for fostering phony self-esteem without basis in accomplishment, dedication or sacrifice for allows our self-absorbed, entitled populace to still feel good about ourselves as the bloated, dysfunctional status quo implodes; (4) that we have institutionalized moral hazard as the unspoken law of the land, so financiers can gamble billions of dollars for gain, without worrying about potential losses which will be covered by taxpayers; (5) that our financial markets are now dominated by Federal Reserve manipulation, high frequency trading and dark pool shadow banking which purport that anyone can become rich by simply playing the stock market; (6)  that money can buy political influence so transparently; (7) that our mainstream media is owned by a handful of corporations whose homogenized broadcast message is reassuringly uniform and must therefore be true.”  [ZEROHEDGE.COM – Apr 21, 15]
  • THE FOUR STAGES WHICH IMMEDIATELY PRECEDE A HEART ATTACK ARE HORRIBLE. Worse are the next ten seconds when consciousness is generally lost, although continuous coughing – vigorous, deep & prolonged every two seconds – can help by getting oxygen into the lungs, squeezing the heart and keeping blood circulating.  A well-done video describes how a heart attack happens (https://secure.heartattackdefender.com/D011/?clx=1984566 ) and purports that Krill Oil, a uniquely non-fishy-breath oil, is most effective in preventing attacks.
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you place the blame.” 

 “The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” – Marcus Aurelius