• ENTREPRENEURS WHO ARE MOST EFFECTIVE AT RUNNING THEIR COMPANIES for optimal profitability with minimal risk often utilize a team of independent experts to focus on strategic issues — as distinct from the operational issues with which management routinely deals. The underlying objective of an ADVISORY BOARD is to provide a process where owner/management can obtain broad and reality-based perspective & feedback to best avoid ‘not knowing what they don’t know,’ and best ensure that broad alternatives and risks are considered before critical business decisions get made. Since an Advisory Board role does not carry direct responsibility or liability for company actions, ADVISORS are typically more deeply involved, with capacity for faster and more responsive support. DCG has decades of expertise in Board structure and execution, on an exceptionally cost-effective basis. Call Dennis for courtesy consultation.
  • “FACTORY JOBS AREN’T COMING BACK… For better or worse, the U.S. is now a service-based economy.” It’s been 22 years since NAFTA was legislated and some 4.5 million manufacturing jobs were outsourced to Asia and Mexico. White-House-hopefuls on all sides consistently banter about “bringing jobs back to revive American Industry,” and indeed factories have been increasing output some 20% in the last six years, but not to the benefit of meaningful employment. The reason of course is that “returning facilities tend to be heavily automated… employing a small fraction of the workers they would have a generation ago.” Check out the Tesla plant: http://www.youtube.com/embed/8_lfxPI5ObM?rel=0 [THE WEEK – April 1, 16]
  • REALITY IS THAT ROBOTS WILL SOON BE ENTERING EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES with staggering impacts. “For the first time in history, thanks to the convergence of artificial intelligence, sensing, actuator technologies and the mobile phone revolution, we are on the cusp of a ‘robotics revolution.’ They come in all shapes & forms, from Roombas to anthropomorphics that look like humans to quad-copters and self-driving cars. Robots can operate autonomously, in swarms, walk on two legs, swim through water, and even fly through the air. Today robots are used to do human jobs where work is either dull, dangerous or dirty; tomorrow they will be commanding those professions where accuracy and patience are key.” [PETER DIAMANDIS.COM – Mar 13, 16]
  • TODAY HOWEVER, SKILLED CYBERSECURITY WORKERS ARE STILL ONE OF THE FASTEST-GROWING JOB SECTORS. This year, projected shortfall is over one million positions; within 2½ years, some 1.5 million critical jobs may be vacant for lack of skilled employees. “Even with automation, skill matters. The Internet of Things means millions of newly connected devices with more data to account for, more tools to manage and reports to coalesce & generate, let alone security implications… Too many organizations focus on technology solutions & tools without matching that effort with their people.” DCG can help you structure for current support and position for scalable protection. Call us before your reality check bounces. [TECHCRUNCH.COM – Mar 7, 16]
  • “MORE THAN 50% OF COMMUNICATIONS HAPPEN NON-VERBALLY… since our unconscious mind gives off recognizable, physical clues. By reading these clues in others, we can consciously mimic their mannerisms to develop a comforting rapport which allows us to intentionally influence… And, once people feel understood and feel heard, they are more willing to ‘listen’ openly… so your arguments, presentations, point of view all become more powerful & compelling… The simple reality that separates a sociopath or con artist with communication tricks from an influencer of integrity — is the mindset of care (that eludes the former)… In the words of Maya Angelou: People will forget the things you do, and people will forget the things you say. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”   [DEVELOPMENTAL EXCELERATIONS – Mar 31,16]
  • ‘HOLOPORTATION’ TECHNOLOGY NOW ALLOWS USERS TO SEE/HEAR/INTERACT REMOTELY “in 3D, as if they are actually present in the same physical space.” Microsoft’s 3D-Capture-Technology “allows high-quality 3D models to be “reconstructed, compressed & transmitted anywhere in the world in real time.” Check this out: http://youtu.be/7d59O6cfaM0

       “Maybe the TV program ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th-grader?’ is less about displaying how stupid grown adults can be, but rather depicts how much useless information we teach grade schoolers that won’t be retained or applicable later in life…”