• ‘CHANGE’ IS THE NEW NORMAL IN THE WORLD and disconcerting to most business execs who’ve been successful in their careers by applying ‘old school’ strategies. “In a business context, change is synonymous with opportunity – the clue, the indicator and the signal to what’s developing today and what will likely be the face of the future… including giving clients & customers what they want and more options, even when they don’t articulate it.” The foundation of information to determine wisdom of change and realistic level of opportunity is Competitive Intelligence, a “management discipline that propels the decision maker to smarter, more successful decisions, thereby minimizing risk, avoid being blindsided, and getting it right the first time.” DCG can help. [COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE ADVANTAGE – Seena Sharp]
  • IMPORTANT: PERSONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER ‘HOMESHARING’ (Airbnb, vacation exchange/lease) or RIDESHARING (Uber, Lyft), and exposure can be substantial. With residences, risks include a guest sustaining injury, exposure to sickness or bacteria, being assaulted or abused by a lessee or anyone they hire to provide services (like a caterer or housekeeper). Airbnb provides a host protection policy for damage but excludes any liability for intentional acts or these type of risks. Temporary ride-service driving is fashionable these days for many adults and their children, but personal auto coverage specifically excludes liability protection should an accident occur. Rules vary in every state but policies are available at realistic costs for the potential catastrophe protection they provide. [POMS ASSOCIATES BULLETIN – Apr 21, 16]
  • TECHNOLOGICALLY, AUTOMATED DRIVING WILL BE PERFECTED WITHIN A DECADE but “it will take well into the next decade to convince consumers,” as multiple surveys all show that up to 75% of respondents “don’t trust self-driving technology… and don’t want anything to do with these models… The biggest obstacle is fear; consumers who’ve endured computer crashes as part of their everyday existence are wary of trusting software to keep them safe.” Skepticism is highest with Boomers & Gen Xers, but a study of more than 2000 drivers by Kelley Blue Book found 44% of millennials who also said no thanks. First exposure is already happening with features on some luxury cars – “automatic brakes, systems that steer a drifting car back into its lane, and adaptive cruise control that operates the brake & accelerator to stay at a distance from vehicles well ahead; ‘traffic jam assist’ will also soon be introduced. But relinquishing control is a much greater leap.” [BLOOMBERG.COM – May 4, 16]
  • “ONLY 4% OF THE UNIVERSE’S MASS-ENERGY IS OCCUPIED BY ATOMIC MATTER & ELETROMAGNETIC ENERGY which can be seen and measured. That leaves 96%, vaguely described as ‘dark matter’ that we don’t understand and cannot explain… We know it’s there, from observing the effects of ‘subtle energy’ on inanimate matter and living organisms, in continuous everyday influence on everything.” Subtle energy (known in ancient Chinese & Indian texts as Chi or Prana, the ‘life force’ of the universe) is becoming considered in many branches of science & medicine as a “new paradigm: a fifth force known to science (accompanying Electromagnetic, Gravitational, Strong and Weak forces) which interacts with consciousness.” Numerous experiments have now “technologically captured and reproduced the ‘intent’ of the human mind… latest showing that negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on the brain from cell phone conversation” can be reduced dramatically by applications of subtle energy. For a fascinating article, see: [THE OPTIMIST.COM – Spring 16]
  • ‘SPANKING’ KIDS “DOES THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT PARENTS USUALLY WANT IT TO… The more often kids are spanked, the more likely they are to develop low self-esteem and become aggressive, antisocial and rebellious,” according newest research from Universities of Michigan & Texas involving 75 studies of 160,000 children. Analysis showed that “physical discipline actually makes children more defiant and more likely to have later alcohol, drug & mental health problems… and that relying on positive reinforcement of desirable behavior is far more effective than punishment.” [THE WEEK – May 13, 16]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: In election speculation, “free yourself of the idea that humans are rational beings… Studies show that voters place an outsize emphasis on appearance and gut feelings,” with candidates who “look more competent – regardless of their positions… or use more collective pronouns (‘we’ or ‘us’)” winning elections up to 80% of the time.

           Homeland Security has released some 86,000 illegal aliens back into U.S. society – versus deporting them, as law requires – AFTER CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS (over 230,000 collective convictions, most involving repeat offences)  including homicide, assault, kidnappings, burglary & sex offenses.  Check out this congressional hearinghttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2QOwAJ2ez6U