• BODY LANGUAGE’ ALWAYS CONVEYS A MESSAGE WHICH SUBTLY IMPACTS EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, by conveying a disproportionate power structure or imposing a psychological barrier to level of trust. Significant mannerisms include: hands in pockets evidencing nervousness; a loose handshake grip which might show disinterest; avoiding eye contact which can connote lack of trust, dishonesty or lying; slouching which can reflect discomfort in the situation; not smiling or nodding which gets taken as non-listening; raised or lowered eyebrows which can express surprise, anger or frustration. Paying attention to these mannerisms can best avoid sending wrong signals to the other person(s).
  • TODAY’S SCHOOLING SYSTEM REDACTS ‘TRUTH’ IN BOTH PUBLIC & PRIVATE CURRICULUMS, as America’s founders are “portrayed in a negative light, with the personal problems in their lives magnified and even exacerbated. The purpose is to destroy the U.S. in terms of perception and education, to create a shift in paradigm and public perception…by the time those inculcated with such fallacies reach the age of voting & earning capacity for taxation purposes… It is a forced paradigm shift to change the concept that youth hold of America and to destroy their potential to develop creative thought – to ponder the ‘why’s’ of a matter. Little by little this is being destroyed and replaced with a canned, sterilized curriculum that only rewards rote memory and the absorption of concepts alien to those originally in the schools… Along with the media, which has traded its objectivity for money and position, it is amazing that the country was so free as to allow the very people who are destroying it to come out with and force their socialist & progressive platforms on the country as a whole.” [ZEROHEDGE.COM – May 18, 16]
  •  A NEW ‘DRUG SNIFFER,’ compact enough to fit inside a small handheld case, can now “sniff out unique chemical signatures up to a quarter-mile away and determine their origin within 15 feet, silently and with complete discretion.” [DIGITAL TRENDS.COM – May 6, 16]
  • OCCUPATIONAL LICENSING BY STATES provides a funding resource and can serve as a control for certain specialists, but has some majorly depressive impacts on job creation, raises the barrier for worker relocation to another state, and increases consumer pricing. Almost a third of American workers today need state-issued permits or licenses in more than 1,100 occupations to do their jobs – not just those in highly technical professions (like doctors, lawyers or pilots), but ordinary jobs like bartenders, dancers, tour guides, florists, even hair braiding and casket sales. With inconsistent criteria, bureaucratic cost & delay, and often political aspects, states are “all over the map in what they regulate.” [BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK – May 23, 16]
  • A BATTLE AGAINST ‘OVER-CONNECTEDNESS’ – the “blurring of borders between private and professional life associated with usage of digital technology” – has been waged by French socialist government, last month imposing “The Right to Disconnect.” This Directive bans companies with over 49 workers from “sending emails after typical work hours… and mandates formal policies to limit the spillover of work related to digital technology into the private lives of employees.”  [HUFFINGTON POST – May 25, 16]
  • CALIFORNIA CONTINUES TO RANK AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF “LEAST FAIR & PREDICTABLE environments for business,” based on the latest KMPG/Tax Executives Institute national survey. The state ranked 50th in every single category, including willingness to grant tax incentives, fairness & transparency in corporate audits, asserting tax nexus when only having an economic presence, and risk that California’s financial condition will “negatively affect” business next year. [CFO MAGAZINE – May 16]
  • SHARIA LADIES?? A ‘Women Protection’ Bill now proposed by Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology “allows a man to lightly beat his wife if she does not dress ‘as he desires,’ refuses to have sex without a religious excuse, fails to bathe after intercourse &  periods, not wearing a hijab, talks to strangers, or speaks so loudly that strangers can hear… The Bill further calls for no co-education after primary school, spousal permission before giving money to anyone, no female nursing care of male patients, no appearing in advertising, and that abortion after 120 days be declared murder.”  [DAILYMAIL.CO.UK – May 27, 16]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: A study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than men who mention it.

 “It is impossible to overlook the extent to which civilization is built upon a renunciation of instinct.” [Sigmund Freud]   Listen to the song that’s made it to Australia’s top hit list: https://www.youtube.com/embed/yZZlo0WZ_iU?rel=0