• THE DEGREE TO WHICH GLOBALIZATION – “the freer flow of trade, people & capital around the world – is responsible for economic ills” is complex, but certainly a major aspect of current economic and political conflict. Since NAFTA was touted as “a hundred-to-nothing benefit for America” by Bill Clinton, and fifteen current ‘free trade agreements’ now in place involve twenty countries covering half of U.S. exports, some 94 million people have left the workforce. The complexity stems from attributing relative impact to “other big upheavals which have hit the world economy in recent decades,” particularly: (1)Technology generated automation replacing low and mid-skilled workers, while producing disparate income distribution to those higher-skilled; and (2) the 2008 financial implosion which destroyed jobs, wealth, and further displaced workers. Today’s rising populist trend for presumed benefits of Protectionism is at odds with research studies at UCLA, Columbia and Stanford which conclude that adverse impacts would be greatest (up to more than double) for the poorest of consumers, who could lose up to 2/3 of their purchasing power as tariff-affected prices rise. Nonetheless, “the consensus in favor of open economies is cracking.”  [THE ECONOMIST – Oct 1, 16]
  • ‘DIVERSITY INCLUSION’ IS INCREASINGLY BECOMING RECOGNIZED AS AN EFFECTIVE BUSINESS STRATEGY. Emphasis has become about more than just ensuring compliance with laws and qualifying for certain job contracts. “The thinking these days is that diverse groups – teams of people with differing backgrounds, cultures and experiences – ultimately create better and more innovative solutions. Additionally, “diversity as a strength can attract more talent who bring their viewpoint and contribute expertise.” [MINORITY BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR – Summer 16]
  • NEWEST RESEARCH SHOWS THAT LOWEST STRESS-RELATED ILLNESS IN WORKERS occurs in poorer countries where workhours are longest. In richer countries where hours are shorter, workers evidence “high incidences of anxiety and depression.” The U.S. ranks in the middle but Mexican workers, by contrast, clock-in 60% more hours on average and are only a third as wealthy, yet are diagnosed with under half the U.S. stress level and only a third of our suicide rate. World Health Organization data suggest that health problems exacerbated by stress – including many cancers – are also greatest in lower workhour countries (mostly European). But there are anomalies: “anxiety and depression cost Dutch adults about two years of healthy life per thousand people… and those unwilling to ask for help may seek other ways out of their pain. South Korea, with 2,100 work hours and the 3rd lowest reported prevalence of anxiety or depression, has the highest suicide rate; France, with 30 mandatory paid statutory holidays per year (versus America’s zero) has the same suicide rate as ours. [ECONOMIST 1843 – Nov/Dec 16] 
  • ABOUT THE ‘DEPLORIBLES’: According to one party’s platform, they’re all the “narrow minded racists” and/or “islamophobes” and/or “homophobes.” The reality: they are “conservatives who want a secure southern border… want to stop refugees from being bused into the country without being vetted or philosophically & morally acclimated to our way of life; …to be free to refuse association with anyone at any time for any reason; …to avoid socialist distribution of wealth, especially to uncontrolled migration of peoples from socialist nations who only want taxpayer-funded entitlements and/or to import counter-ideologies to make way for a collectivist system; …and want to end corporate welfare, the concept of the ‘too big to fail’ company, government intervention in business and special favors… These concepts terrify progressives and corporate elites because without a socialist welfare system and special treatment for victim groups & companies, all success would then rely on merit… so the banks and corporate monstrosities that should have collapsed eight years ago due to terrible business practices would be deserved failures. For an in-depth and distressing analysis, see http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-28/how-deplorables-can-save-america. Meanwhile, “half of one party’s voters may be deplorable, while half the other party’s voters may be deportable.”
  •  PC FROM BRUSSELS: “The British press should NOT report when terrorists are Muslims” says the European Commission against Racism & Intolerance. An 83-page Report concludes that an increase in hate speech and violence over the last half-dozen years is attributable to “worrying examples of intolerance and hate speech in newspapers, online and even among politicians… and urges the government to give more rigorous training to reporters who fuel prejudice… since Muslims are increasingly under the spotlight as a result of recent ISIS-related terrorist acts.” Wonder why Brexit passed? [DRUDGETODAY.COM – Oct 5, 16]
  •  THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:     Experience is the name everyone gives to his/her mistakes…The trouble with using experience as a guide is that the final exam often comes first, and then the lesson.”

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