• “SQUANDERED WORK TIME ORIGINATES FROM DYSFUNCTIONAL WOKPLACE DYNAMICS – more commonly known as People Problems.” The biggest timewaster is often unproductive meetings which result from: “(1) Ambiguous expectations from managers, combined with a default desire for teamwork, which can paralyze necessary communication; (2) Too much expertise which can get in the way… creating idiosyncratic biases and blind spots; and (3) Managers who like to win – so focused on being right, the first, the best that they become unwilling to seek valuable information from one another, since doing so would be a tacit admission of imperfection or weakness.” DCG Retreat Facilitation is a proven strategy for breaking through these barriers to efficiency & effectiveness. Call us before your reality check bounces.  [KELLOGG NORTHWESTERN INSIGHT – Nov 2, 16]
  • “WOULD YOU ABSTAIN FROM SEX FOR A YEAR IN EXCHANGE FOR CYBERSECURITY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?” An online Harris Poll surveyed over 2000 adults last month and found 34% of men and 44% of women (of which two in five were millennials) saying YES – that safe web experience was more important, apparently feeling “it would be easier to give up sex than to act more responsibly online” like even just using more secure passwords. “Data security continues to be one of the most alarming and seemingly unsolvable problems created by the internet”; between just two breaches (Yahoo and Adult Friend Finder), nearly a billion accounts were hacked. The problem is nowhere close to solution. [CNET.COM – Nov 17, 16]
  • THE SCOPE OF CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS who came to the U.S. illegally, committed major crimes and were convicted, then released back into U.S. communities versus jail or deportation, is almost unfathomable. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the largest investigative agency in Dep’t of Homeland Security with a $6 billion budget and 20,000 employees in 400 offices. But over the last several years, nearly 90,000 illegals who committed over 230,000 felonious crimes (including sex assaults, robbery, burglary and murder) were let go under the banner of progressivism (and some pretty dumb policymakers), from which a huge percentage went right back to crime and re-looped through the system again. Watching this astonishing 3½-minute Senate hearing is pathetic:  https://www.youtube.com/embed/ 2QOwAJ2ez6U. California leads the nation in releasing deportable criminals – during a recent 20-month period, according to ICE, the number was more than 11,000; New York came in second with some 2000.  [BUSINESS WEEK – Nov 21, 16]
  • POST-ELECTION P.C. MADNESS: In response to student protests at University of California -Irvine, which included a 300-person ‘Dump Trump March’ and a ‘Group Cry & Greet,’ professors of the school’s Composition Department asked graduate teaching assistants to discuss “ways to shift Course Curricula to help prepare students for ‘Life Under Trump – an avowed white supremacist presidential administration’… Their mock syllabus of books & readings example was a Course that would address the critical subjects of racism, sexism and xenophobia on which Trump has built his candidacy,” in their perspective including “White Power & Plausible Deniability; Illusions of National Security; Misogyny, Sexism & Shaming the Female Body; Blackness & Right-Wing Multiculturalism; and Violence, Authoritarianism & Masculinity.”  [ZEROHEDGE.COM – Nov 17, 16]
  • CONTRARY TO THE CONCERN OF SO MANY FRANTIC DEMOCRATS, the vast majority of Trump Platform supporters are NOT ‘Racists’ in any manner. New York Times Op-Ed Columnist David Brooks has put this into sensible perspective: “I’ve been thinking a lot about the best imaginable Trump voter — the supporter who wasn’t motivated by racism or bigotry; who cringed every time Trump did something cruel, vulgar or misogynistic. But this voter needed somebody to change the systems that are failing her – the public school system that serves the suburban children of professors, journalists and lawyers but has left her kids under-skilled and underpaid. She needed some way to protect herself from the tech executives who give exciting speeches about disruption but don’t know anything about the people actually being disrupted… the teachers who condescend to her, the doctors who don’t make time for her, the activists whose definition of social justice never seems to include the suffering people like her experience. This voter wants leaders tough enough to crack through the reigning dysfunction.”  [LBN ELERT – Nov 22, 16]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: Research purportedly finds that, on average, workers now check email 36 TIMES PER HOUR, and spend 2 HOURS DAILY on social media.  [INC.COM – Nov 14, 16]

      Unfettered hypocrisy? Bill Clinton’s State of the Union Address 20 years ago:   https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4351026/clinton-1995-immigration-sotu

      A person is not necessarily intelligent because he/she has many ideas – anymore than they are a good leader just because they have many employees. Ideas are important, but creative strategy and execution are the critical factors in life and business.