• GENERATION Z IS THE MONIKER NOW APPLIED TO KIDS BORN AFTER 1990; they are projected to comprise 20% of the workforce by 2020 and differ from Millennials in attitudes, expectations and workstyles largely because they’ve been “shaped by the recession… having graduated into a still-icy job market, having listened to recession-weary elders, and/or seen grandparents return to work.” A Robert Half survey found nearly a third expecting to be “managing or supervising employees in a corporate environment” within five years of college graduation, even though they’ve observed and learned that overnight promotion and job-jumping opportunities available to the Millennials is a thing of the past. They value Mission and Purpose – some 40% list “making a difference or having a positive impact on society” among their top three job-seeking priorities (along with ‘generous pay’ and career-growth opportunity).  Nearly 75% say they prefer “face to face human interaction” versus working remotely. Most demand ‘transparency’ and will utilize their technology skills to “fact-check for honesty and integrity in a leader or boss… Hmm, hard-working, loyal, realist workers who value mission and would rather talk than text – sound like anybody? In styles and what’s important to them, Gen Z most closely mirror Baby Boomers.”  [U.S.NEWS & WORLD REPORT – Oct 26, 16]
  • “AN ALARMINGLY HIGH PERCENTAGE OF LEADERS DO NOT HAVE SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES about people, culture and & workplace practices to lead their companies into the future… Critical traits include: Consistently acting with integrity; Adaptability to changing market demands, technology and initiatives; Comfort with ambiguity and ability to make rational decisions during unpredictable times; Capacity to be aware of, control and express emotions; Business and Financial savvy to understand and interpret information and its impact on the business; Savvy to meet needs and expectations of a multi-generational workforce and customer base; Ability to conceive of breakthrough engagement and talent management strategies; Strategic vision and ability to implement.” DCG have decades of expertise in these areas.  [INTERCHANGE GROUP – Nov 28, 16]
  • HOLIDAY TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY PRESENTS “A SLEW OF SECURITY ISSUES… since all voice, data & text carried by local telecommunications companies can be compromised, hotel rooms can be under audio/video surveillance, and shredders can have hidden scanners that deliver documents directly to cybercriminals.” A few tips from professionals: (1) Bring a burner phone that contains no personal data – contacts/call history/texts/email/calendar can be used to steal identity, target others or compromise other sensitive data. (2) Do not leave any IT device (especially mobile phones) unattended. Hotel safes offer little protection. Consider disabling USB ports, video camera & laptop screen privacy covers, microphone jack, and other unnecessary features like camera & Bluetooth. (3) Expect any online services to be compromised. Never update software to an untrusted access point or click on ads/popups/email attachments from untrusted senders. Also consider setting up a temporary account which can be deleted after the trip. Be smart. [SECURITY INTELLIGENCE.COM – Nov 23, 16]
  • “THE WESTERN ELITE MAY BE AS WRONG ABOUT THE LONG-TERM IMPACT OF POPULISM as it was about its short-term prospects… The Western intelligentsia, snug in its echo-chamber, has done a dismal job of understanding what is going on – either dismissing populists as cranks or demonizing them as racists… and some blinkered commentators still see it as no more than a protest movement — dangerous and disruptive but ultimately doomed by the advance of globalization and multiculturalism, which are in turn driven by irreversible technological and demographic forces. A glance at history suggests that this view is questionable… Populism essentially pits the people against the powerful: journalists, industrialists and politicians. Populists are united in suspicion of traditional institutions, on the grounds that they have been either corrupted by the elites or left behind by technological change. Right-wing populism portrays the middle classes as squeezed between two outgroups, such as foreigners and welfare spongers; Left-wing populism champions the masses against elites… Politicians, as well as pundits, had better start understanding that this is not a passing trend.” [THE ECONOMIST – Dec 3, 16]
  • EFFECTIVE FEDERAL TAX SPENDING UPDATE: For five years, Nat’l Institutes of Health have funded $2 million annually to study “What Influences a Child’s View on Food.”  Groundbreaking findings included: “(1) Children 5 to 8 given the choice between allegedly sneezed-on food and clean food, chose the clean food; (2) Given the option, children prefer being wealthy as opposed to poor; and (3) Children who learn more than one language tend to have better communication skills.”  [LANGFORD.SENATE.GOV]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes – including you.”

         “All progress is based upon a universal, innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income.” –Samuel Butler