• TWO-THIRDS OF COMPANIES HAVE “CULTURES THAT ARE NOT ALIGNED WITH LONG-TERM VALUE… An organization’s culture is defined by a set of shared beliefs, decisions and behaviors, all determined by the organization’s primary focus” – goals or mission, innovation, customer or product-centric, quality, risk management, and so forth. Predominant “culture Killers are arrogance, misaligned leadership, lack of clarity in priorities, mixed messages, disengaged employees and turnover.” DCG have decades of expertise in controlling these factors to optimize productivity, profitability and Valuation. [CARRIER MANAGEMENT – Dec 12, 16] Call us before your reality check bounces!  Failing to Plan is planning to fail.
  • ALL HUMANS, IRRESPECTIVE OF GENERATION, ARE MOTIVATED BY SIX MAJOR FEELINGS: Achievement, Recognition, Meaningful Work, Responsibility, Creativity, and Economic Reward. In both workplace and personal environments, “positive or negative association (what draws or repels us) that we create in our brains, as life happens daily, is mostly choice… While we can’t control everything that happens, we can control how we choose to learn and grow from them… And whether we feel positive or negative majorly influences our choices and actions. Meaningful patterns change because we feel something, not because we know something.” For some very effective strategies in refocusing your perspective and balance to feel better in this new year, view a 150-second video at BARRYEISEN.COM .
  • ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE ON WHY PROGRESSIVISM WAS REJECTED IN THE ELECTION: “The central dominant ideology of modern capitalism is ‘self-expression’… What rescued the U.S. economy from the 1970s crisis was a massive wave of consumer capitalism. And behind it were the forces of finance because they offered credit to millions of people for the first time, encouraging them to buy all kinds of stuff – expressing themselves as individuals… But this prevented them from seeing really radical and different ideas sitting out on the margins that have little to do with our fetishization of the self…   And the more people came to believe that self-expression is the ultimate goal, the more the modern system of power became stronger… as politicians, financiers and technological utopians have created a ‘fake world’ to hang on to their power… through finance, new kinds of management and within computers & media which involve invisible algorithms that shape and manage what information we get.”  Today’s internal conflict stemmed from the “elitist, obscure, rather smug” art and journalism which has pinnacled during the recent ‘progressive’ administration – focusing on individualism and self-expression as absolute priority above the country as a whole –  “part of the sort of metropolitan stubbornness that Brexit and Trump voters reacted against.”   [ARTSPACE.COM – Dec 9, 16]
  • LATEST CRAZY CAMPUS P.C. closes the year at University of Pennsylvania, where English Dep’t students decided that “Shakespeare does not represent a diverse range of writers,” and stripped his portrait from the wall – replacing it with a photograph of an African American Feminist author. Notwithstanding the school’s explicit prohibition against “defacing or misusing properties of the University,” permission was granted for a “working group to help declare and defend the department’s mission in the current political climate… with ideas for that public space.” [THE DAILY PENNSYLVANIAN – Dec 12, 16]
  • THE MEDIAN ANNUAL U.S. HOUSEHOLD INCOME is now $55,750 according to latest Census Bureau data. Does it surprise you that America’s four wealthiest suburbs (more than double the median) – and 9 of the top 20 – are all located around Washington DC, home of most federal employees and of last year’s $420 billion overdraft budget? [LBN E-LERT – Dec 15, 16]

A masterful demonstration on the difficulty of male/female communication:  https://vimeo.com/66753575

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