• THE IMPACT OF HAVING UP TO FIVE GENERATIONS APPROACHING ‘WORK’ with differing commitment & discipline “is becoming more pronounced and thus creating more problems than ever before… Generational differences are real and more than just ‘back in my day’ or ‘issues, stemming from how workers were raised, what critical events took place during their formative years (like war vs. peace), and how they learned to communicate (e.g. radio vs. cellphone) – all defining how they developed, created priorities, and prepared to work.” Optimizing business productivity, profitability & stability is critically dependent on “taking advantage of each generations’ strengths to build a collaborative team,” and DCG have decades of experience helping companies achieve that objective. Call us before your reality check bounces[BUILD IT BACKWARDS.COM – Feb 29, 16]
  • OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES ‘NO BORDER WALL’ POSITION:  Los Angeles City Council has now voted to “impose stiff penalties & fines on any company that fails to publicly disclose if they are submitting bids on wall construction,” when they also wish to contract jobs with the city.”  Their rationale is about “transparency amongst contractors… who wish to profit from building a wall that would divide us from our dearest and dearest neighbor, Mexico… promote ‘discrimination’ against Mexican immigrants,  and represent a racist and xenophobic agenda.”  A State legislators’ bill goes even further, seeking to flatly “blacklist contractors who bid on the wall.” The most likely impact of these acts – initiated by “individuals who abuse their elected positions to impose political judgments against businesses who are trying to lawfully operate in California – is to further drive companies out of the state or out of business altogether.”   [MYNEWSLA.COM – Aug 8, 17]
  • SOON SATELLITE COMPUTERS WILL BE MONITORING ANIMALS & INSECTS AS ‘AUTONOMOUS UNITS,’ followed around the world via tracking devices that relay locations to a satellite, from sophisticated sensors – some small enough to stick on bees – which turn their hosts into “something like environmental buoys, to predict & monitor migration patterns with broad economic significance for humans and navigation.” The ICARUS (International Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space) satellite is scheduled for launch in October, after which forecasts of earthquakes & volcanic eruptions, outbreaks of diseases, fishery populations, atmosphere & temperature, etc. should be much better determinable, thanks to the “concept of movement ecology – the causes and effects of organisms’ movements.”   [BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK – Aug 7, 17]
  • ATTITUDES TOWARDS PSYCHEDELIC DRUGS ARE CHANGING IN SILICON VALLEY as young techie developers & engineers responsible for creativity and productivity are turning full-circle to LSD (commonly known as ‘acid’) in daily micro-dosage of around one-seventh of what it takes to cause a ‘high,’ with full approval of company leadership. Data suggests that “Americans aged 30 to 34 – not the original flower children but the next generation – are most likely to have tried LSD, with San Francisco at the epicenter of this trend, just as it was during the original craze five decades ago… The impact involves ‘thinking outside the box’ as LSD interacts with serotonin (a chemical in the brain that modulates mood, dreaming and consciousness) and allows the brain to become far more ‘open’ and globally interconnected… dropping the barriers that would typically exist in an office and helping to build the culture… Those who have good experiences with hallucinogens also report an enhanced connection to the world, feeling more socially present at work and more warmly toward their families at home.” Back to the future. [THE ECONOMIST 1843 – Aug 17]
  • DIGITAL ADVERTISING RESULTS HAVE GOTTEN MURKIER.  The country’s biggest advertiser, Proctor & Gamble, which spent $2.4 billion last year – some $200 million monthly on average – has just announced a cut of roughly 5% of its digital advertising budget “due to inefficacy and lack of new customers/trials… along with fake traffic driven by bots and objectionable content… and is demanding that its agencies ‘clean up’ transparency with all platforms to now provide 3rd party measurement.” [ADWEEK – July 28, 17]
  • SNOWFLAKE CONCERNS OF THE MONTH: college classroom seats which are too small for oversize students “resulting in embarrassment.” A new super-politically-correct university in NYC has published a Guide on avoiding Microaggression – “brief and commonplace verbal, behavioral or environmental indignities, whether intentional or not, that communicate a hostile, derogatory or negative slight or insult.” Other examples in the Guide (http://www.newschool.edu/student-health-services/anti-violence/micro-aggression/ ) include lack of gender and social justice related classes, bathrooms or locker-rooms labeled only male & female, too expensive books required for class or food sold in the cafeteria, and lack of representative diversity in professors & staff.  [FOX NEWS – Aug 11, 17]

          A truly incredible ‘slackline’ performance: https://biggeekdad.com/2014/08/amazing-slackline-performance/