• FINDING SKILLED WORKERS IS BECOMING A “SCAVENGER HUNT” and a top concern for companies. According to the latest Duke University survey, “finding candidates with necessary skills is by far the biggest hiring challenge. Even rank-and-file candidates lack basic writing & math skills, largely since (1) “the alphabet has surrendered share of brain to emojis, with Snapchat and texts having rendered traditional syntax & spelling obsolete… while (2) our educational system has, for the most part, de-emphasized vocational training and permitted apprenticeship programs to fade… Additionally, it has become difficult to find hires who possess intangibles, such as always being reliable and working a full day.” So with average tenure ina job now below four years (according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), “investing in training offers a less-than-tantalizing ROI” – particularly when nearly half the respondents also reported “lack of bandwidth to oversee an expanded organization and managerial workforce.” So lack of qualified workers is definitely impacting growth. [CFO MAGAZINE – Nov 17]
  • AS AMERICAN CULTURE EVOLVES, SEXUAL ‘HARASSMENT’ IS A FAIRLY NEW PHENOMENON. It effectively began in 1980, when the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stated that “unwelcome sexual advances which affected an individual’s work were grounds for a complaint.” Since then, according to EEOC, a “range of 25% to 85% of women have faced harassment at some point in their working lives,” and a recent YouGov poll supports culture change with statistics that young men 18 – 30 were double the percentage of men over age 64 who considered the following behavior (absent a “romantic partner” relationship) to be unacceptable: “Commenting on attractiveness; Placing a hand on her lower back; Looking at breasts.” Expect the 24/7 headlines ‘outing’ the abusers (by today’s standards) to be the ‘new norm’ and just tip of an iceberg. [THE ECONOMIST – Nov 18, 17]
  • “WE ARE TOLD THAT HUMANS ARE DESTROYING THE PLANET and that only scientists (the ‘experts’) or the very rich, famous or powerful (despite their hypocrisy) can save it.” But a reminder that: (1) in the 1970s, the doomsday-coming crisis was over “global cooling”; (2) in the 1980s, scientists reversed themselves and determined the crisis would be “global warming”; (3) in recent decades, the danger evolved to ‘climate change’ – when scientists and Progressives “desperate to explain long periods of cooler temperatures, increased ice formations at the southern polar cap, and other ‘inconvenient truths,’ resolved that government must have power, resources and money to fight whatever that change might be.” Environmental impacts from technological progress are real, but whether closing factories, sacrificing jobs and irresponsibly mortgaging our future for the presumably “greater good” when no one knows whether or in which way the climate may turn is arguable. “Can the environment really be ‘saved’ through government intervention, or is the environment just a vehicle toward the Progressive idea of total government rule?”   [COMMON SENSE – Glenn Beck]
  • IMPOSTER SCAM CALLS INCREASE DAILY – on mobile as much as on landlines. Latest examples include claims of being from the IRS: “you owe back taxes and a warrant for your arrest will be issued if you don’t settle by this afternoon.” / POLICE: “We’re raising money for officers injured in the line of duty; how much will you be donating today?” / JURY DUTY CLERK: “I’m calling from the XYZ courthouse; you missed jury duty and unless we collect the $300 penalty today, a warrant will be automatically issued for your arrest” / BANK: We’ve uncovered a major data problem with your checking account; Please verify this info so we can confirm you haven’t been hacked.” / GENEOLOGY WEBSITE: “Our site has identified 14 matches in your family history; we can confirm and provide this info to you with just a few more pieces of info.” / MILITARY REP: “I’m from the VA to finalize the supplemental pay approved for your service group; we just need your bank for direct deposit.” [COACHELLA VALLEY WEEKLY – Nov 16, 17]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “Sugar is more dangerous than gunpowder.” Based on global stats from a few years ago reporting some 56 million people who died around the world, crime killed around a half million, war 120,000 and 800,000 more committed suicide, while 1.5 million died of diabetes.

     Southern Californians now rank highest in the nation for “stress-inducing commutes” thanks to average drive of 53.7 minutes to work and 104 hours stuck in traffic every year.

     Wondering about our future with miniaturized weapons? This video is stupefying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CO6M2HsoIA&t= 

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