• THE MOST EFFECTIVE LEADERS CONSISTENTLY CONNECT WITH THEIR EMPLOYEES OR TEAM by positive actions which influence behavior to motivate performance. “Being a leader in people-centric work cultures differs drastically from managers in toxic workplaces who bark out demands and use century-old tactics like fear and negative reinforcement… In close teams and interpersonal interactions that build trust, authenticity wins out every time.” The most effective strategies have proven to be: (1) Asking for and listening to advice from employees. Studies at Harvard & Wharton found that subordinates perceive those who do so as ‘more competent; (2) Acknowledging mistakes. Putting ego aside and admitting errors in judgement increases trust since people are generally turned off by others who seem ‘too perfect’; (3) Acknowledging others contributions. Recognizing deserved efforts & achievements “sends ripples of trust across the organization, when recognized as a cultural trait”; (4) Manifesting positive confidence. Top leaders let it be known that they are confident in team abilities and never thwart the possibility for accomplishment of challenges. [INC MAGAZINE – Mar 9, 18]

• SMARTPHONES ARE LITERALLY RESHAPING THE WAY WE THINK AND INTERACT, reducing attention span & brain power, impacting creativity, work-life balance, family interaction and productivity – since “smartphone use takes about the same cognitive toll as losing a full night’s sleep… taking office workers an average of 25 minutes to get back on task after an interruption.” According to Facebook’s former VP of User Growth, “the short-term dopamine-driven feedback loops are destroying how society works…and eroding the core foundations of how people behave.” Estimates are that average users check their phones up to 150 times daily, spending between 3 to 5 hours, “over the course of an average lifetime, meaning about seven years immersed in our portable computers.” A Harvard Medical study further suggests that Attention Deficit Disorder is worsening and that “the symptoms of people with ADD and people with smartphones are absolutely the same.” Perhaps the saddest impact is that “nowhere is the alienating power of smartphones more troubling than in the relationship between parents & children, as less attention gets paid and average hours spent together has dropped by over a third. A fascinating article at www.impactlab.net/2018/02/26 . And check out this astonishing tech toy which will just worsen the situation: https://www.youtube.com/embed/9J7GpVQCfms

• REMINDER ABOUT CASH OR CURRENCY TRANSACTIONS OVER $10,000: When any business receives this amount in one or more ‘related’ transactions (in a 24-hour period) or multiple payments (within a 12-month period), it’s obligated to file a tax report form 8300 at the time, and also to furnish an annual report to the individual. ‘Transactions’ include sale of goods, property, travel or entertainment activity; providing services; expense reimbursements; payments on debt; establishing an escrow or custodial account. A receiver of funds who neglects to file the forms can be subject to major civil & criminal penalties. Once filed, the depositor/payer is then on record which may assist authorities in tax, regulatory or criminal activity. [CALIFORNIA CPA – Mar/Apr 18]

• ALCOHOL IS TOXIC TO CHRONIC BRAIN CONDITIONS… Heavy drinking (4 drinks daily for men, three for women, according to World Health Organization guidelines) takes an irreversible, long-term toll on the brain, increasing risk for all forms of dementia.” University of Toronto five-year studies of more than a million adults with dementia found that “60% of early onset dementia cases were associated with alcohol-related brain damage and, for those younger than 65, the strongest dementia predictor was hospitalization for an alcohol-related health issue.”  [THE WEEK – Mar 16, 18]

• THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: Truly awesome stunt videos: https://1funny.com/best-videos-of-the-year-2017-people-are-awesome/

Nearly 1 in 3 Medicare patients undergo surgery in their last year of life, and 18% in their last month, even though studies show that people old & sick are “more likely to be harmed by the ordeal of surgery than helped.”

“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe. That makes us something special.” – Stephen Hawking R.I.P.

In support of President Xi’s lifetime appointment, Chinese censors have already scrubbed social media platforms of words and phrases including ‘incompetent ruler,’ ‘emperor,’ the letter ‘N’ (because the mathematical equation n>2 could be used to refer to his two Terms), and any reference to Winnie the Pooh (“because critics have mocked his resemblance to the beloved bear”).