• RECRUITING MILLENNIAL JOB CANDIDATES REQUIRES DIFFERENT STRATEGIES than many managers are used to. Critical elements include: “(1) Making the candidate comfortable & relaxed so they open up; (2) Listening more than talking; asking open-ended questions that invite expansive answers (versus yes/no) and scenario-based examples; (3) Looking for demonstration of progression in job skills, and what has driven their job changes reported on the resume; (4) Looking for soft skills & attitude that emphasize collaboration more so than individual glory; (5) Ensuring that the job description is thorough, clear, provides for challenge & advancement opportunity, work/life balance, and is discussed point-by-point. DCG can help. [FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – 3/31/19]
  •  “CALORIE IS THE WORLD’S MOST MISLEADING MEASURE… Our fixation with counting it assumes both that all ‘calorific values’ are equal and that all bodies respond in identical ways, but not so… The process of storing fat – the ‘weight’ many seek to lose – is influenced by dozens of factors apart from calories: our genes, trillions of bacteria that live in our gut, food preparation and sleep, so food can take between 8 to 80 hours to travel from dinner to toilet bowl… The body absorbs 30 calories a minute from fizzy drinks, compared with 2 calories a minute from potatoes… Some peoples’ intestines are 50% shorter than others and absorb few calories, meaning they excrete more energy in the food per se … plus the amount absorbed depends on how food is prepared; cooking increases digestion by up to double depending on whether it’s boiled, roasted or microwaved… Additionally, calories listed on food packets & menus are routinely wrong – U.S. government regulations allow understatement by as much as 20%, but on some processed foods is off by as much as 70%… According to the World Health Organization, some two billion adults, 40% of people over age 18, have become overweight in the past four decades due fundamentally to energy imbalance between calories consumed versus calories expended.”   [ECONOMIST 1843 – Apr/May 19]
  •  WHILE RUSSIA RIVALS AMERICA IN MANY AREAS, like technology, science & military power, Living Conditions remain at a 3rd-world level for a huge proportion of its people. According to their Federal Statistics Service, some 2/3 of rural households have no reliable hot water and no indoor toilets – some 35 million people. The Russian presidential Academy reports that “poverty is widespread outside of Moscow, with 22% of Russians unable “to buy anything beyond basic staples needed for subsistence.” [THE WEEK – 4/12/19]
  •  THE NEXT STAGE OF AUTOMATION: COLLABORATIVE ROBOTS aka COBOTS are machines that “physically interact with humans, working alongside in a shared workspace, to create a semiautonomous production process drawing on the strengths of both… Interacting intuitively in a fluid way by combining the coordination & cognitive capabilities of humans with the robotic accuracy & ability to perform monotonous tasks… plus greater flexibility and easier programming than fully automated systems, companies can use COBOTS for multiple processes and without technical knowhow – ideal attributes for smaller firms.” China is leading development and predicted to dominate two-thirds of the market, providing COBOTS at a price below $20K within six years. [IMPACT LAB.NET – 4/2/19]
  • AT WHAT POINT DOES A PERSONALIZED MEAL GET A LITTLE TOO PERSONAL? Sushi Singularity, which is scheduled to open in Tokyo next year, “will analyze customers’ bodily fluids to tailor meals to meet their individual nutritional needs.  Reservation-holders will have to submit samples of their saliva, feces, and urine two weeks before they dine. The meals will also reportedly be put together with a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine and 3D printer.  [CB INSIGHTS – 4/4/19]

       Snowflake updates: (1) University of Kansas now offers a course on “angry white men and the role of dominant & subordinate masculinities as they connect to ‘rights-based movements’ of women, people of color, homosexuals and trans individuals, to explore the ‘deeper sources’ of this emotional state while evaluating recent manifestations of male anger in Europe and America.”  (2) As younger British generations spend so much time with digital devices and enough U.K. high school students have complained they “couldn’t read the time on analog clocks, schools have now elected to remove the clocks entirely from examination halls.

      You’ve never seen a sisters 1940s dance act like this: https://www.youtube.com/embed/61cY1ILv60k?rel=0&autoplay=1  Then check out amazing 1950s-60s actually possible dance steps, for those who can remember: https://www.youtube.com/embed/sq–8HXYjnc  

       What’s fact is that “racism” now has vastly different meanings to different people. The new left’s version is about systemic & implicit bias, with conformity to what many view as politically correct rules of language police. To many others, it’s about judging on color instead of character and violating what Chief Justice Roberts wrote: “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”