• EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSITION IS TYPICALLY IMPEDED by of others, whose mindsets drive undesirable behaviors which emerge like a game of “arcade whack-a-mole, when old behaviors may be pounded into a hole, only to keep popping up.” Transforming those mindsets in a way that accelerates and maintains performance requires diagnosis and reframing, a process which involves: (1) First, determining what ‘desirable’ behavior looks like, to recognize the problem people; (2) Identifying their “Mindset drivers’ versus external forces – like misalignment of incentive systems or a lack of role modeling.” Sometimes it’s as simple as seeing that employees just have a different perception of what their job ‘is’; (3) Then, “reframing the root-cause mindsets” to achieve ‘same page’ understanding. [McKINSEY – 10/21/19]
  • WITH OVER 3,000 AMERICANS DYING WEEKLY FROM ANTIBIOTIC-RESISTANT INFECTIONS, an increasing number of scientists & environmentalists are blaming overuse of antibiotics used by farmers to prevent disease in livestock, which have facilitated mutations in bacteria and created “superbugs which make animals – and possibly the humans who eat them – resistant to certain treatments when ill.” A survey of chain restaurants (by Consumer Reports & Natural Resources Defense Council) found surprisingly low focus on reduction of antibiotics in the meats they serve. [LBN EXAMINER -11/1/19]
  • MANY STUDIES CONCUR THAT CHILD BRAIN & SPINAL CORD DEVELOPMENT IS MATERIALLY IMPACTED by prenatal and environmental elements “only weeks into a pregnancy, before many women even know they’re expecting… But, up to 50% of American women of childbearing age are not getting adequate nutrition for optimal fetal development, which can have a deleterious impact on a child’s health and raise the risk for several chronic diseases throughout life. Most people know that drinking alcohol or abusing drugs can cause permanent harm… and one study showed that even prenatal exposure to tobacco smoke caused almost three times more likelihood for a learning disability… Starting before pregnancy and continuing thru breastfeeding, women should ensure they are getting all the necessary vitamins, minerals & nutrients that support healthy development of a baby’s eyes, brain and other vital bodily structures.”  [LIFE EXTENSION – 11/19]
  • P.C. MADNESS CONTINUES: (1) Latest polls report over half of American university students believe that Halloween costumes are ‘offensive’ and that “those who partake should be punished.” Percentages were even higher at Ivy League schools and the California State University system at nearly 60%. Even crazier, nearly half also thing that “hate speech should not be protected under the 1st Amendment and that jail time would be an appropriate punishment.” (2) “Centuries long record of scholarly pursuits and rigorous intellectualism is no match for trendy social-justice warriorism” in Britain. Oxford University student council has now banned ‘clapping’ during functions “since loud noises present an ‘access’ issue for some disabled students who have anxiety disorders, sensory sensitivity, or use hearing impairment aids.” Las year Manchester University passed a similar rule, also including ban against snapping fingers. “A bunch of imbeciles.”  [LBN EXAMINER – 11/3/19]
  • 24% federal tax above $168K joint taxable income and 32% above $321K; single filers kick in at half those levels; the 37% top rate applies above $612K joint/ $510K single;
  • 65% payroll/Medicare tax + additional .9% on wages exceeding $200K single/ $250K joint; further 3.8% tax on ‘net investment income’ above ‘modified AGI’ exceeding $200K single/ $250K joint;
  • California 9.3% rate kicks in at joint taxable income of $115K, 10.3% at $591K, and 12.3% above $1,180K; single filers hit those rates at half those levels; above $1M taxable, joint or single, another 1% surcharge apples.
  • Also be aware that GAINS on “collectibles” are now taxable at 28%, versus 20% on gains from most capital assets held over one year. Collectibles are defined to include any work of art, antique, rug, gem, coin, metal including ETF shares, stamp, musical instrument, baseball cards, comic books, historical documents or clothes, even alcoholic beverages.
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:   “Never throw mud. You can miss the target but your hands will remain dirty.”

      When something bad happens, is your first instinct to blame someone else? “Blame is simply discharging of discomfort, pain or anger to figure out whose fault it is,” other than yourself. An entertaining video: https://biggeekdad.com/2015/07/the-blame-game/

  Veterans Day Respect:  Hallelujah! –a powerful rendition honoring the Veterans who protect American freedom: https://biggeekdad.com/2018/11/hallelujah-veterans/