• AMERICA HAS BIFURCATED INTO THREE ALMOST DISTINCT NATIONS: (1) Liberals – “globalized, bi-coastal, wealthy, internationalized, with higher percentages of college-educated & pseudo-credentialed, mostly in control of the nation’s culture & politics – as defined by the administrative state, bureaucracies, media, academia, foundations, corporate boardrooms, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, along with the elite echelon of military, professional sports, arts & entertainment industries; These are the ‘zoomers’ who stayed home during the pandemic, earning about the same or more than in pre-quarantine days, enriching Amazon & various delivery services who brought food/meals/stuff to their front doors”; (2) Conservatives – the vast interior between the coasts where food grows, oil & gas gets pumped, timber is cut, building materials fashioned, and things get built by the folks who kept driving trucks, and millions who lost their jobs, spent their savings and borrowed trying to save their homes & small businesses while following the orders of the ensconced”; and (3) Activist Leftists – who believe they deserve ‘equal’ lives, and that a Socialist society, with security of government-provided food/ shelter/ education/ insurance, will accomplish this without having to commit their lives to work & competition for money, many willing to literally burn down the capitalist structure, We’re very likely past the point of any reconciliation among these disparate groups, so the only certainties in our future are Uncertainty and Change.  [VICTOR DAVIS HANSON – AMERICAN GREATNESS – 12/16/2020]
  • CONDUCTING EFFECTIVE & PROFITABLE BUSINESS OPERATIONS ENTERING 2021 will be substantially more difficult than during most years in recent decades. Challenges will impact every business sector – from Revenue generation in a recessive  economy; to supply lines of inventory whether product or people; to handling of human resources including workplace safety; to management of virtual worke6′ efficiency, performance evaluation, and increasing Regulations compliance; to maintaining company culture; to adaptation of technology and protection from cybersecurity threat; to forecasting, financing and cash flow. DCG have decades of experience & expertise in managing through difficult times, and offer courtesy consultation; call us before your reality check bounces.
  • A “RIDICULOUSLY DANGEROUS PRECEDENT” WAS SET by unwillingness of the U.S. Supreme Court to even ‘hear the case from Texas, joined by nearly half the other states and 125 members of the federal Congress. The action, which denied the public right to understand issues and which many attribute to simple unwillingness of the Court to foster likely street protests & riots by leftist agitators, confirmed that “even when State rules are unconstitutional or ignore constitutional process, States are allowed to set their own rules… even when conflicting with votes of other Americans and even if cast through illegitimate means, despite this being inherently unfair… This basically neuters the Court for future interstate challenges to election laws. . . and essentially made the Court irrelevant – a precedent that could mean the end of the Constitution as we know it.”  [RED STATE – 12/17/20]
  • BUT THE LUNACY OF THE COVID RELIEF BILL IS THE “ESSENCE OF THE SWAMP.” 5,600 pages of pork payoffs to selfish politicians – $1.4 Trillion of debt spending – “the oldest trick in Washington: (1) wait until a last minute regulatory deadline, (2) take a Bill with a symbolically overwhelming title supported by Americans (Urgent Emergency Pandemic Relief), (3) attach every pet project possible,” then (4) give legislators a few hours to vote Yes or face the wrath of lost Party support. Some sixty separate project allocations include: $1.8 billion to foreign  countries like Cambodia/ Nepal/ Burma/ Ukraine/ Sudan and Pakistan (for gender & democracy programs); a billion for museums of Latino & Women’s’ History plus another $40 Million for Kennedy Center operations (on top of $25M from the first Stimulus funding); and mega-millions of funding to ‘Resource ‘important’ causes like a race riot in Illinois 112 years ago, the Succession/Reincarnation of Dalai Lama, and educating consumers about risk of fuel near open flame. Meanwhile, the allocation to Americans out of jobs & shelter was $600 each. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.’ Latest Approval Rating for Congress is barely above 20%,” but uninformed, uncaring voters return the politicians to career jobs supported by lobbyists, as our media says to do.  [THE HILL- 12/22/20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE YEAR END: Amazing Grace – https//biqqeekdad.com/2010/12/amazing-grace-il-divo/

     The unprecedented opposition ta Trump’s Presidency from liberal & Leftist bureaucracy, powerful media & social media, hypocritical politicians and personality-haters was successful in removing his leadership but not his important accomplishments, including: halt in illegal aliens; revocation of punitive regulations; appointment of 224 conservative federal court judges and 3 supreme court justices; the middle-east peace accords between Israel & Arab states; crushing the lSlS caliphate; exposure of China’s theft of intellectual property & unfair labor practices; confronting Russian spying & election interference with sanctions, expulsions & consulates shut down; revamping of important trade deals; rebuilding the military; boosting school choice; and pushing through major tax cuts.