• TWO STATE LEGISLATURES HAVE NOW VOTED TO BLOCK PRESIDENTIAL ‘EXECUTIVE ORDERS’ if determined by their Attorney General and Legislature to be unconstitutional. Oklahoma followed North Dakota in a response to “power grabs & abuse of power in the form of sweeping ‘laws’ issued without authority from Congress …the Constitutional balance of power established by the 10th Amendment… If so determined, then all state & local officials plus any publicly-funded organization would be prohibited from enforcement.” Federal actions covered by this authority include Orders relating to health emergencies, natural resources, agriculture, 2nd Amendment, environmental, social, education, college sports, and “potentially pave the way for blocking mask mandate, transgender agenda, and racially-biased orders in finance or commerce.”  [BLAZE MEDIA – 2/26/21]
  • “BIG TECH HAS REVEALED ITS ULTIMATE PLAN: to shut down open & honest dialogue – a hallmark of American democracy and all genuinely free countries – and to remove from public discussion every person who challenges its authority, holds alternative beliefs, or thinks a bit differently. Under the auspices of simple ‘opting’ not to do business with certain users, they are starving them of the fundamental means to make a living, since data center services & programs for building applications are critical to partake in democracy, be involved in community, engage in commerce and support a family – in short, the necessary supplies for existence in the 21st century; in essence, exiling half the country… Big Tech allegiance is devoted to radical ideologies that have been given an air of authority by prominent universities and media outlets, but which repudiate individual liberty, tradition & transcendent truths which, as a result, have caused suffering & destruction throughout history and globally.”  [NEWSWEEK – 2/22/21]
  • UPDATE ON WHAT THE KIDS ARE LEARNING THESE DAYS: Our publicly-funded, uber-woke educators & politicians have now indoctrinated a third of millennials and over 80% of Gen Z to support abolishing or ‘major changes’ in police departments, with two-thirds of college undergrads believing that “rioting and looting is justified” (per Gallop & McLaughlin polls). Also, that it’s okay to “strip the names of ‘horrible stains’ on American history” (like Washington, Lincoln, Senators & Generals) from statues and schools, on the premise that they were “engaged in the subjugation & enslavement of human beings; or oppression of women, inhibiting societal progress; or whose actions led to genocide; or significantly diminished the opportunities of the right to life/ liberty/ pursuit of happiness” (San Francisco Board of Education). Meanwhile, a majority of Gen Z college students say that “shouting down speakers or trying to prevent them from talking is ‘fair game,’ while learning little if anything about avoiding opioids, personal finance, the power of social media or right to free speech.” [THE HILL – 2/23/21]

       IDIOCY is a film produced 15 years ago as a parody of the direction American society might be taking, where average I.Q. plummets as people with less intelligence and nominal common sense relentlessly reproduce. The few minute Opening Scene is well-beyond – but not entirely o/ff the track – of today’s realities in many ways. This is parody, and not for politically-sensitive folks. https://www.revolver.news/2021/02/beyond-parody-the-world-of-mike-judges-idiocracy-is-better-than-joe-bidens-america

      A couple very entertaining performances of classics by unique quartets: https://biggeekdad.com/2014/04/classical-ladies/  //  https://biggeekdad.com/2010/10/4-tissimo-guitar-quartet/