• HABITS COMPRISE ABOUT 40% OF OUR DAILY BEHAVIORS and routines, over time shaping every aspect of our lives…” so self-isolation during this coronavirus isolation is a chance to reset unproductive routines & work habits. The process involves: (1) Re-examining goals, objectives & priorities; (2) Identifying principal routines to confirm they lead to priorities, then considering “what triggers the habit (like fear, discomfort, boredom, confusion) and what ‘reward’ that provides. For example, if scrolling Instagram is on autopilot, does that bring relief or distraction”; (3) Experiment with substitute rewards – maybe getting up for a soda or beer, or doing a minute stretch or yoga to isolate the actual craving; (4) Then create a plan to redesign the habit. Isolation time is an opportunity for introspection to “reassess priorities, overhaul ineffective work habits, and try to be more intentional about how your time is being allocated… since meetings, video calls & virtual happy hours are often deceptive time wasters when you need to focus and solve problems.”  [FAST COMPANY – 4/29/20]
  • ESTATE PLANNING REVISION OF WILLS & TRUSTS may be appropriate for many, in light of federal changes in response to the coronavirus crisis. Beyond tax structuring, be aware that failing to even mention a relative in the will (particularly when biologically related) can lead to significant legal hassle, including freeze on asset distribution until resolved. Risk comes from an unnamed relative claiming their omission was erroneous – unintended, resulting from lack of competency, caused by undue influence from someone else, or any other creative issue.
  • ANXIETY ABOUT INVISIBLE & INTANGIBLE THREATS, combined with major disruption in daily routines, have led many to ‘coronavirus pandemic dreams’ – “bizarre dreams laden with symbolism which allow dreamers to overcome everyday psychological stressors within the safety of their subconscious.” Research teams in several countries are concurring (1) that stress stimulates neurobiological reactions “similar to those triggered by psychedelic drugs…where emotions flood the consciousness, especially during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep; (2) that when fears center on threats that are hard to visualize, our subconscious plugs in metaphors (which many report as dreams about bugs, zombies & tidal waves); (3) that our waking activities during the day influence the content of dreams, so being stuck in isolation causes the subconscious to reach deeper; but (4) that we can possibly control our dreams by ‘scripting’ our desires and ‘rehearsing’ that script before bedtime.” Anxiety & lack of activity always impact sleep quality, and dreams are always pretty weird, but Covid-19 isn’t helping.  [NAT’L GEOGRAPHIC – 4/15/20 and THE WEEK – 5/8/20]
  • EXPECTATIONS FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY ARE LOOKING DIMMER. A 2,200-person survey by Deutsche Bank last month suggests that “consumer comfort, rather than government policy, will have the most profound impact on shape of the U.S. economy.” Results found that during the next three months, fewer than 20% would be comfortable phasing into eating out, shopping, movies, parties, social events, concerts, museums, theaters, gyms, even vacationing. By the six month point, nearly half felt they’d be comfortable, including even attending work conferences or travelling abroad. But the presidential election is just over six months away and 55% said they didn’t know or had no opinion on whether any kind of a political rally that would be comfortable.
  • FLU PROTECTION (NOT Coronavirus): a new antiviral drug is now “approved to treat influenzas A, B, and certain avian strains like H5N1 and H7N9.  XOFLUZA is effective when initiated within 24-28 hours of symptoms.”  [LIFE EXTENSION – Jun 20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:  Many businesses have been fortunate to qualify for federal ‘Payroll Protection Loans’ which, if utilized at least 75% to pay and retain employees during the eight weeks subsequent to funding, are neither repayable nor taxable. However, most borrowers were unaware that expenses paid with PPP funding are not tax deductible. 

      Are we now in a ‘Fourth Turning Crisis’ – the hundred year cycle which ends with an existential crisis that either destroys the country or results in its renewal?  https://spectator.us/entered-fourth-turning-crisis/

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