• THE LATEST RANSOMWARE ATTACK IS MEGA-MAJOR, against an Entertainment Industry law firm, threatening to release a terabyte of private legal secrets from the world’s biggest music/tv/movie/sports celebrities & agents including Streisand/DeNiro/EltonJohn/LadyGaga/Aguilera/Madonna/Kiss/U2/LeBron/Kaepernick/ Facebook/iHeart/Sony/HBO and the like. Data published so far includes screenshots of legal contracts – “the equivalent of a kidnapper sending a pinky finger – which puts the clients whose data has been exposed to risk of blackmail, spear phishing, identity theft, and other types of fraud. [COINTELEGRAPH – 5/8/20]   Cybercrime is thriving during this pandemic. Learn more about cybersecurity to protect your private data from Secure the Village [https://securethevillage.org/about/background-and-mission/], on which Dennis serves as a Director, or by calling DCG for courtesy consultation.
  • “EVERY PUBLIC OFFICIAL AND TALKING HEAD NOW IS AN AMATEUR EPIDEMIOLOGIST… but what if the whole rigmarole – the masks, social distancing, sheltering in place, forced shutdown of ‘non-essential’ services – was all theater instead of therapy?… Despite being assured by the credentialed-class that keeping a distance of six feet between healthy people for weeks on end was the only tried-and-true way to prevent deadly spread of the novel coronavirus, the practice of ‘social distancing’ is untested pseudoscience (particularly as it relates to halting transmission of the virus)… Meanwhile, we’ve shuttered the economy, destroyed trillions of wealth, put millions out of work, denied tens of thousands of people access to ‘non-essential’ medical care, imperiled hospitals across the country… and we really don’t know that it has either ‘slowed the spread’ or ‘flattened the virus curve.” [AMERICAN GREATNESS – 5/9/20]
  • “AS SCARED PEOPLE ARE URGED TO GO BACK INTO THE WORLD, because nobody could be bothered to develop a nationwide program to test for infection, trace positive contacts, or adequately support a pause of economic activity,” the esoteric concern that underlies differing views of responding to Covid-19 crisis is essentially “how much is a life worth, versus the risk of personal financial ruin and societal economic collapse mitigated by aid programs… That’s only a choice people are now making because we don’t have a social safety net.” https://www.wired.com/story/how-much-is-human-life-worth-in-dollars/
  • “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ‘BACK TO NORMAL’.” As businesses reopen, it’s imperative to remember that employees who’ve been furloughed or laid off, been working at reduced salary, and/or experienced increased workload & stress, ned to develop a renewed sense of company commitment. Owners & Managers should be sensitive to cultural and operational processes & procedures that will have necessarily changed in the New Normal environment employees are returning to, with focus on (1) Demonstrating appreciation for their sacrifice, in response to the psychological impact of having been deemed ‘non-essential’; (2) Acknowledging their performance under possibly intense pressures from working at home, amidst family, crowded, noisy and other less than optimal conditions; (3) Providing realistic compensation and growth potential in light of recognizable changes in infrastructure, technology, and/or business initiatives. [TECHNICAL.LY – 5/11/20]
  • AMONG THE SCARIEST OF ‘ALTERNATIVE’ DISCLOSURES ON CORONAVIRUS – view at your own risk of dismay and distress. (If accurate, it’s hopeless.) Try Again: here’s the deleted video for those who weren’t able to view before YouTube keeps taking it down;   https://www.brighteon.com/91f524b4-656f-4c46-bab5-01dea4ac1cf1

       Meanwhile,not one single slime in the Swamp has been brought to justice.” A comprehensive and thoughtful article by a distinguished attorney, author and rabbi who has now “learned to hate” analyzes how our pathetic federal leadership has evolved after 9/11 to “destroy peoples’ lives based on abstract politics.”  https://spectator.org/a-time-to-hate/