• THE COVID PANDEMIC HAS CREATED “POSSIBLY THE MOST STRESSFUL EXPERIENCE many people have had in their lifetime (routine upended, unemployment, infection), creating immense challenges which normally would have reassurance and support of family & friends. But due to the nature of virus, people are more physically alone than ever, making it much harder to cope, while loneliness has hit epic proportions.” Harvard researchers now suggest that “intermittent social distancing could be necessary through 2022,” increasing concerns as to impacts of prolonged loneliness, “a subjective experience difficult to measure.” Beyond its psychological effects, which contribute to depression/ anxiety/ irritability/ sleeplessness & weight gain, loneliness has been linked to medical problems involving brain, heart & immune systems. The ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic are far from over.  [CNET – 6/15/20]
  • THE U.S. DOLLAR HAS BEEN THE SOLID ROCK OF 20th CENTURY GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS, but for many reasons may risk being headed to a Crash – particularly since America’s “share of reserves are well in excess of its share in world GDP and trade, combined with its leading the charge in de-globalization & decoupling.” Today, the dollar is still strong, “benefiting from the typical ‘safe-haven’ demand long evident during periods of crisis… But protectionist trade policies, withdrawals from Atlantic & Pacific alliances, World Health Organization, and wrenching social turmoil (not seen since the late 1960s) are all painfully visible manifestations of America’s sharply diminished global leadership… Further, stressed by the Covid pandemic impact, U.S. living standards are about to be squeezed as never before and the world is having serious doubts about the once widely accepted presumption of American ‘exceptionalism. Currency valuation sets the equilibrium between these two forces – domestic economic fundamentals and foreign perceptions of a nation’s strengths or weakness. So, as the balance is shifting, a Crash in the Dollar could be in the offing.” [BLOOMBERG.COM – 6/8/20]
  • AS EMPHASIS ON EMPLOYEE DIVERSITY INCREASES, EMPLOYERS SHOULD BE AWARE that research shows “cultural diversity can lead to workplace conflict! If properly managed however, diverse teams generally make better decisions, since positive intergroup exposure increases psychological compatibility & connection through perceptions of commonality & cross-cultural empathy between members of social groups.”  Managers can best effectuate this outcome with techniques including: (1) Small team lunches that encourage diverse groups to know others’ core values & desires; (2) ‘Cultural Cookouts’ where employees bring in food for the team or department based on family background; (3) Periodic ‘Story Forums’ where workers tell a personal story about their cultural background; (4) Assigning diverse teams to specified tasks or projects which necessitate working together toward shared Company goals. As long as participation is not mandated, these strategies have been shown to greatly improve intercultural relationships at work.  [FORBES – 6/14/20]
  • “AFFIRMING THE FUNDAMENTAL EQUALITY OF ALL PEOPLE IS NOW CONSIDERED HATE SPEECH.” No sane person would argue that ‘black’ lives or any other lives don’t ‘matter,’ but that’s a far cry from being required to state that you agree with the political agenda of ‘Black Lives Matter.’ “Saying you’re on board with the BLM extremist agenda means something entirely different and brings up a whole list of issues that should be up for discussion & debate. But its radical leaders and their supporters in the media and on the Left are using any and all disagreement as a way to shut people down or otherwise cancel them by simply yelling ‘racism,’ with critics banished from the public debate square for heresy (and/or fired)… BLM now enjoys almost complete immunity from criticism – unprecedented for an American political movement, allowing it to have singlehandedly revised our moral framework.” Shame on the media, athletes, celebrities, politicians and business leaders pursuing brand allegiance who are allowing this to happen.  [TUCKER CARLSON  – 6/16/20]    Check out what sensible celebrities think about the impact of these tactics on race relations: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TQEbUMX1uug

        “Breaking News: Wearing a mask inside your home is now highly recommended. Not so much to stop COVID-19, but to stop eating.”

         For Astronomy buffs:  AMAZING images: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=615&v=bhJ0MotUblo&feature=emb_logo