• “THE OFFICE WORKPLACE IS PART OF OUR HOLISTIC WORK EXPERIENCE. While working-at-home has demonstrated a reasonable level of productivity & effectiveness, deleting the office altogether is not the best option. Reasons include its environment providing: (1) Shared purpose and alignment of objectives. A recent study found 2/3 of companies reporting struggle to maintain morale, energy & focus which virtual connection doesn’t allow, with some engaged, others distracted, multi-tasking or having technical difficulties; (2) Health & Well Being through diversity of experiences, assortment of atmospheres, movement (correlated with memory, learning & thinking process), boundaries to ensure separation from work for focus on life at home, and human connections to minimize risk of challenges to fatigue or mental health; (3) Clarity of company mission & organizational culture by tangibly demonstrating the value placed on collaborating & connection – all necessary to attract talent, influence people’s engagement over time, and best protect company data both physically and to risk of cybercrime; (4) Enhanced empathy & trust which stem from physical presence, absent which studies show can turn into psychological distance. These benefits hold even in a socially-distanced near term office, and especially in a post-vaccine workplace which traditionally has had a place in our businesses, society, communities and lives.” [FORBES – 6/7/20]
  • CONCERN IS INCREASING THAT UP TO HALF OF U.S. UNIVERSITIES MAY BE GONE WITHIN 5 – 10 YEARS, particularly ‘tier 2’ brand schools with high tuition and low endowment funds. Effects of coronavirus having necessitated at-home internet learning have been “generally a recognition and disappointment that college education is not the ‘kind of value’ expected for tuition dollars… especially foreign students who pay ‘full’ tuition,” and growing numbers of students opting to take a ‘gap year’ off” to replenish funds and psyches. “What department stores were to retail, tier-two universities may become to education: the walking dead.” [DAILY WIRE – 6/5/20]
  • SYSTEMIC IGNORANCE IS AMERICA’S PRESENT PROBLEM – far from systemic ‘racism.’ How possibly is toppling of statues commemorating leaders of armies that defeated the confederacy and slavery any voice of reason? “Amid our country’s strengths not so many years ago was a moderately successful education system that imparted a general knowledge and understanding of America’s place in history and duties as a member of the civilized community. Just how well that education system has been working in recent years you can tell from today’s smell of smoke, flicker of flames & cries of hatred… Think corona-virus spreads fast? For speed, try ignorance.  Or does the instinct for destruction also proceed from plain old-fashioned barbarism – the sheer hatred of those with different internal equipment (racial, religious, intellectual, whatever) and the desire to wipe them out for no reason other than personal satisfaction… lacking interest in anything besides the overthrow of all opposition, real or imagined.” It’s pathetic.  [TOWNHALL.COM – 6/23/20]
  • “RULE BY MOB IS ALWAYS A THREAT TO CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY when they stamp out dissenting voices, demand obedience from public officials, topple symbols they claim to hate, and smear anyone bold enough to disagree… Silencing dissent is also now receiving full-throated support from the tech giants that control electronic discussion and media giants determined to shape the narrative rather than report the news… while University administrations proudly tout, with no sense of irony, their ‘office of diversity & inclusion’ (relating to DNA & gender identity, not diverse viewpoints). That’s been true for decades; what’s new is seeing this orthodoxy spread to K-12 education, corporate HR departments, mainline churches and newsrooms. The ‘Thought Police’ are on patrol and ever vigilant, turning the twin batons of guilt & moral superiority, with dissent from their approved views considered immoral, illegitimate and unworthy of a public hearing… To preserve democracy, we must resist the mob and stand up to it. Yielding the public square to Thought Police, however powerful & intimidating they are, is the road to tyranny.”  [REAL CLEAR POLITICS – 6/24/20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “Doing what’s right is no guarantee against misfortune… There is no absolute formula for success, but definitely one for failure: trying to please everybody.”

     A reality-check on the subliminal slander of Political Correctness: A Progressive’s Guide to P.C. by George Will –  https://www.youtube.com/embed/hiU20QjKPCo

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