• THREE CRITICAL FACTORS CONTRIBUTE PREDOMINANTLY TO CURRENT SOCIETAL CHAOS IN AMERICA: (1) Prosecutors at all levels are elected. “No other democracy makes its justice system so polarized. In every other Western democracy, these are civil servants appointed based on experience and expertise, with a politically neutral job to simply do justice fairly, not respond to the passions of voters, putting their finger up to the wind and say ‘What will help me get re-elected? Should I overcharge or undercharge an alleged offense?” (2) Our Constitution provides immunity for members of the Senate & Congress to lie outright. As disgusting as this is, many do in order to influence voters for purely political benefit without risk of prosecution. (3) Media give their lies credibility among unassuming and otherwise uninformed voters. While litigation against Media is “open to people who have been victimized by false accusation when done with malice,” this is almost never a concern which overrides Medias’ powerful, irresponsible and even corrupt objectives to optimize users for ad revenue, and to influence voters with their owner & employee political priorities. America’s imperfect storm.  [Alan Dershowitz – GATESTONE INSTITUTE – 7/23/20]
  • NEARLY HALF THE PLANET’S POPULATION BELIEVE “CLIMATE CHANGE WILL MAKE HUMANITY EXTINCT, and mental health professionals now routinely find themselves addressing adolescent anxiety over Climate,” according to major global surveys. These perceptions stem from increasingly severe ‘natural disasters’ which are consistently attributed to human induced carbon dioxide emissions. But real world events, particularly today’s pandemic, have undermined the notion that Climate is indeed the cause of these crises. Reality is that civilization gets brought to a halt not only by Climate-related natural disasters, but by diseases (like Covid) and political decisions. “California’s forest fires were due to buildup of wood fuel after decades of fire suppression, and Hurricane Sandy damage owed overwhelmingly to New York failure to modernize flood control systems… The U.N. Panel on Climate Change does not predict even millions of deaths from Climate, in part because economic development & preparedness have mitigated natural disasters and diseases through poverty alleviation and public health interventions, not emission reductions.” Thirty years of alarmism by journalists, scientists & activists have scared people for media promotion and to raise money and power “utilized to justify efforts to control food & energy policies, redirecting funding away from economic development and toward charitable endeavors (such as solar panels for villagers, which can’t power growth)… instead of viewing Climate Change as a highly manageable problem.” [NEW YORK POST – 7/21/20]
  • “ELECTION DAY 2020 COULD BE A DISASTER… likely to bring bureaucratic snafus and foreseeable chaos unfolding on a hundred different fronts at once, in a thousand voting precincts.” Distinct but connected challenges include: (1) Uncertainty of technologies & processes put in place for the pandemic; (2) Unprecedented human factors of dislocations & risks associated with voting in an uncontrolled viral outbreak, like street protests and displays of political violence; (3) Changing & shifting policies in each State’s process & procedure (likely right up to election day) impacting who actually shows up to vote; (4) Malicious software that could freeze up voter databases and/or counts; (5) Post Office strain from millions of mail-in ballots, while thousands of sorters & delivery workers have already been sickened or sent home to quarantine; (6) Foreign adversaries energized by their success sowing confusion in 2016. “The combination of these factors, along with citizens’ feelings of disenfranchisement, needing to navigate a polluted news & information environment, and the murk of accusations on social media in the run up to November” will make for the most likely combustible election in our nation’s history, with possibly the most uncertain and disputed result in a lifetime.” [POLITICO – 7/24 20]
  • JOURNALISM’S LATEST EXAMPLE OF IRRELEVANCY: A prominent Catholic weekly magazine has compared George Floyd to Jesus, opining that his murder “was a thing beyond lynching, it was an implicitly state-sanctioned crucifixion.” Subsequent twitter-talk support included comparisons that in their dying minutes both had been: repeatedly mocked, pinned on the ground, suffered from thirst, and called out for their parent – all focused on “turning Floyd in to a Saint for a radical religious movement.”  [AMERICA MAGAZINE – 7/25/20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “Cultural revolutions are insidious and not just because they seek to change the way people think, write, speak, and act. They are also dangerous because they are fueled by self-righteous sanctimoniousness, expressed in seemingly innocuous terms such as ‘social activism, ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’.” – Victor Davis Hanson

        “One Man Woman” – quite a performer: https://biggeekdad.com/2012/07/one-man-woman/    And a live performing Rock Band of ROBOTS: https://www.cnn.com/videos/great-big-story/2020/07/24/great-big-story-robot-punk-band-gbs.great-big-story

         Very clever entertainment after ordering at a French Restauranthttps://www.youtube.com/embed/yBJEP4lsRFY