• THE REASON SCHOOLS ARE NOT REOPENING IN CALIFONIA IS FAR FROM SCIENCE OR HEALTH RISK! Risk of  death for preschool kids is 20 times greater to die from influenza or pneumonia; elementary and high school kids risk is up to 7 times greater. The LA Teachers Union has “openly conveyed that their next negotiation is more about changing what they don’t like about American education & society than what is best for children – including defunding police, ending Charter schools, Medicare for all and a new wealth tax as well as compensation and worktime. It was not until the Union came out with these demands that Governor Newsom announced closure of nearly all schools (and overriding individual districts that had planned to reopen)… There are few functions in society more ‘essential’ than educating children, and even the CDC recently concluded that ‘in person schooling’ is in kids’ best interest, particularly in the context of appropriate mitigation measures similar to those implemented at essential workplaces.”  Meanwhile, politicians who want to keep schools closed for perceived election benefit are given “passionate political cover by the Teachers, who maintain that the only people guaranteed to benefit from premature reopening are billionaires – as if billionaires typically send their kids to LA public schools… The truth is that children are incredibly resistant to coronavirus… CDC has recorded a total twenty Covid deaths in children age 5 -14, a hundred times more likely to die from non-Covid causes during the pandemic – the same ballpark as deaths by lightning.”  [REAL CLEAR POLITICS – 7/31/20]
  • EVEN WORSE AND NATIONWIDE, “THE TRAJECTORY OF AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM IS FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING.” The ‘Black Lives Matter K-12 Curriculum’ has already been endorsed by national & state Teachers Unions, by the National Educators Ass’n (NEA) and Administrators California School Ass’n (ACSA). While technically subject to District approvals, “these BLM Resources will be added to every library, leaving decision to teach the agenda up to individual schools & teachers, without one parent or legislator voting on appropriateness of the lessons… Examples of what the BLM Curriculum promotes: (1) That, notwithstanding science or culture, Gender (boy/ girl/ both/ neither/ or ‘something else’) is the child’s choice based on the child’s feelings, which can be made as young as age two; (2) An educational graphic defining White Supremacy in its overt & covert forms, with offenses including: Make America Great Again, Paternalism (i.e. fatherhood), claiming only one ‘human race,’ and the ‘myth of meritocracy’; (3) A glossary of Social Justice terms including Decolonization (i.e. removing oppressive curriculum, language, images, norms, etc.), Racism & Whiteness (a system of cultural property providing/denying resources & power), White Fragility/ Privilege/ Supremacy/ Savior Complex; (4) A BLM Coloring Book with pages on Queer and Transgender Affirming; and (5) 500+ pages of instruction material on Black Radical Traditions.” Starting in Kindergarten! https://www.redstate.com/kiradavis/2020/07/27/882000/?utm_source=rsmorningbriefing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&bcid=be9796dd8b3cfc7f2a550c6bec436c84
  • AT LEAST ONE FEMALE BOARD MEMBER IS NOW REQUIRED for public companies that are headquartered in California, or monetary fines are imposed. Supported by a McKinsey study suggesting that “companies with higher levels of racial & ethnic diversity were 33% more likely to have higher financial returns,” pending State legislation now seeks to mandate corporations to “appoint a minimum number of Directors from ‘under-represented groups’ – 4-member Boards would need one, 5 to 8 members needing two, and above 8 requiring three Directors of color” by 2022. [CORPORATE BOARD MEMBER – 7/31/20]  
  • CBD PRODUCTS, NOW SOLD WIDESPREAD ACROSS THE COUNTY, ARE OFTEN MARKETED WITH MISINFORMATION campaigns that claim ‘medical benefits,’ which violate laws, regulations & rules of both Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Those brands also neglect to comply with FDA Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) which establish 3rd-party-certification testing & operational standards to ensure product efficacy. Bad actors further openly violate prohibitions against adding CBD to food products, drinks or dietary supplements or marketing products for use in “diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease, or for use in any function of the body.”  The impact is that a majority of consumers likely fall prey to useless or mislabeled and often counterfeit products. DCG affiliate SERA LABS is a fully-accredited global supplier of CBD-infused beauty, health & wellness products, manufactured in cGMP facilities, approved for listing in the FDA National Drug Code directory, and distributed through national retail drug & grocery chains as well as online – with 20% courtesy reduction for DCG clients & friends at SeraLabsHealth.com  (code: dcg20).    [MANATT ADVERTISING LAW – 7/22/20]

    “When you find yourself on the same side as Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, most Democrats, the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, and Hollywood all insisting that there’s some horrible threat to America we need to take extreme actions against as they ignore the obvious terrible costs, suppress all evidence to the contrary, and flood us with propaganda that would’ve made the Soviet’s envious, you might want to consider whether you’ve maybe gone astray somewhere.” TUCKER CARLSON