• “LOCKDOWN KILLS. It’s time to start assessing whether a prolonged one is worth the risk to our nation’s collective health.” As prior Duitch Reports have warned: “Beyond medical & economic, the psychological impacts of stay-at-home policies are likely to be substantial (20-14); Lockdown isolation has furthered loneliness, anxiety and for many depression (20-21); psychological impacts suggest rising suicide rates, with young adults experiencing the most pronounced spikes (20-39).”  Today, after four months of pandemic crisis & confusion: (1) CDC, while consistently imprecise on most impacts of Covid-19, has just announced that a quarter of young adults have now contemplated suicide; (2) Latest Millennium Health analysis of 500K urine drug tests show increase in national usage of deathly drugs – non-prescribed fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine & heroin; and (3) Politico reports latest survey finding nearly 11% of Americans considering suicide within the previous 30 days – over a quarter between age 20-24, with minority respondents well above the average. “The irony of a population of young people being driven to consider ending their lives because they’ve been asked to hide away from a virus that is unlikely to kill them is almost too much to comprehend… as debate continues to rage (politically as much as scientifically) over whether children should return to schools, and college-age athletes are told to abandon their dreams and leave the field.”  [RED STATE – 8/13/20]
  • “PEOPLE ARE PRONE TO MANY WELL-DOCUMENTED UNCONSCIOUS COGNITIVE BIASES – overconfidence, confirmation, loss aversion, anchoring, among others – which are unintentional shortcuts that help filter information for day-to-day decisions, but which can distort the outcomes when making big consequential choices under high uncertainty.” In decision-making about Strategy (business or personal), most often only one version of the ‘future’ is contemplated, without considering (much less understanding) how likely that version will gel with reality. Realistic Strategic Planning needs to deal with the likelihood of risk implications and some level of back up course changes if/when necessary. DCG have decades of experience in strategic guidance; let us help before your reality check bounces. [McKINSEY]
  • CHICAGO’S ‘SMASH & GRAB’ LOOTERS are without concern of arrest or imprisonment due to absence of most policing or prosecution, and are comfortably encouraged by radical activists, BLM & others, who argue that “looting can be legitimate, as: (1) a form of reparations for white oppression; (2) more effective at attracting attention to a cause, since civil-rights demonstrations are too easily ignored; (3) a ‘joyous’ experience to produce ‘community cohesion’; (4) a small act of ‘erect redistribution of wealth’; (5) doing little harm to those who have insurance; and 96) also leading people to question high levels of inequality.” Just another dimension of today’s Marxist propaganda which fits into the racist/inequality Protest agenda.  [ECONOMIST – 8/15/20]

It’s now mid-2020, the entire world on edge. Just a temporary pandemic, as all the Experts still pledge.

Virus just a form of flu which for centuries has attacked, and our species always so far successful fighting back.

This one quite more serious, having taken a course which ignored territorial boundaries with contagion force,

Infecting people silently, transmitting quickly with ease, but experts diagnosing as a manageable disease,

With relatively simple steps to mitigate its impact: avoiding large gatherings and cautious personal contact,

Not breathing air or touching skin of others, or things they’ve touched – plastic/metal/fabric (everything pretty much).

The medical crisis genuine and serious to be sure, exacerbated by 24/7 barrage of “Pandemic! Still no cure!”

By the media mob fighting to keep audience tuned-in, with always scary headlines and half-truth opinion,

From ‘expert’ talking-heads and selfish politicians, extolling propaganda for election-slant positions.

With Smartphones screaming ‘Crisis’ in a manner so frantic, that so many have been driven to levels of Panic,

Who then overwhelmed resources, raided and hoarded supplies, feared all outside contact, and failed to realize

That most of their Panic was simply explained – a result of overanxious, unnecessary, self-inflicted pain.

Like crises before, Covid-19 too shall pass and the world will reset, although alas,

Like outcomes before, those Most Fittest Survive, those who focus on sensible priorities and strive

To act responsibly and to do what’s ‘right,’ maintaining positive outlook for a future still bright.

So try to stay positive, don’t succumb to fright; just relax, keep socially distanced and sit tight.  -DENNIS GRAY

  • A brilliant, though pathetic, award-winning short film on today’s struggle between ‘alternative’ political/educational/kids/parental rights versus science/math and radical idiocy of our times: https://biggeekdad.com/2018/06/alternative-math/
  • If interested in an unimaginable 70-year success story by the 100th smallest country on the planet with .02% of population, few natural resources, and under constant threat of survival from surrounding enemies, watch the attached video about Israel.