• GENERATION ‘Y’ MILLENNIALS AND iGEN ‘Z’ NOW SHARE PRETTY MUCH THE SAME VIEWS in regard to business career priorities. Deloitte’s 2020 Global Millennial Survey shows that even though up to six-in-ten had their employment/income status affected negatively, the pandemic “seems to have lessened stress levels… However, only four-in-ten feel that business in general around the world is having a positive impact on wider society, and are concerned about the environment, income inequality, health care and disease prevention.” Regarding job ‘loyalty,’ most now prioritize: “(1) Clear purpose aligned to their values, with employers addressing their needs – ranging from diversity & inclusion to sustainability & reskilling; (2) Assurance they can learn & grow in a job, with employer-sponsored training and education even more than salary; (3) Flexibility, including option to work remotely more frequently after Covid-19 disruption has ended, along with videoconferencing instead of travelling for work; (4) But still want a workplace to establish human connections which enable them to create friendships and establish social activities & interactions along the way.”  [FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – 7/31/20]
  • SUCCESSFUL ‘INTEGRATION’ OF OPERATIONS AND CULTURES WHEN COMPANIES ARE COMBINED through acquisition or merger requires business leaders to have “an informed perspective on synergies to be captured, transformation opportunities, values to be created, and effective communication… i.e. tailoring the value story to each set of stakeholders: customers, suppliers, investors, employees & board directors, since an overly simplistic message may sound deceptive, while an ambiguous update may create anxiety about true progress of the transaction.” Also critical to effective integration is perspective on, and planning for, the “cultural pitfalls to steer clear of” – potential conflicts in personnel policies, performance expectations & evaluation process, and in management style or personalities – to avoid negative impact on productivity or profitability. ‘Cultural Congruity’ analysis is a unique service of DCG in this area, which should always be included in Due Diligence procedures.   [McKINSEY – 7/14/20]   
  • VOTERS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THEIR VOTES BEING STOLEN during probably the most critical election in their lifetime and security experts are rushing to best ensure that, but the likelihood is far from certain. In a simulation last week seeking potential protection strategies, “faux attackers made up  security professionals, election experts & law enforcement ignored traditional hacking and applied newest tricks to both reduce turnout, and to undermine confidence in results by (1) spreading misinformation about new outbreaks of Covid-19 or fake reports that ICE officers would hit polling places; and (2) hampering mail-in ballets by spamming post offices with letters featuring a specific bar code to reset sorting machines.”  The bipartisan Election Defense Coalition have also called out ten states for either using unsecured internet-connected machines and/or already had Primary election screw-ups. As a practical matter, there’s little chance to protect the system fully at this point, but focus is now on banning technologies that don’t allow for independent auditing, providing printed-out human-verifiable paper ballots & electronic poll books, and conducting post-election audits in all states.  [DARK READING – 8/21/20] 
  • IMPACT OF PENDING ‘EQUALITY ACT’ LEGISLATION TO AMEND THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT, making Sexual Orientation Gender Identity a protected characteristic under federal anti-discrimination law, would “force public schools to allow biologically male athletes who identify as transgender to play on girls’ sports teams, and vice versa.” The Bill passed the House last year but, after co-sponsorship by Kamala Harris, remains stalled in the Senate and is just one element of disagreement in current party platforms.   [LBN EXAMINER – 8/23/20]

     Air New Zealand’s new safety video is certainly the most epic ever made – especially if you’re a Hobbit fan:  https://www.youtube.com/embed/qOw44VFNk8Y?feature=player_embedded%22frameborder=%220%22allowfullscreen%3e%3c/iframe

Between the iron gates of fate, the seeds of time were sown, and watered by the deeds of those who know and who are known.
Knowledge is a deadly friend, if no one sets the rules, 
so fate of all mankind, I fear is in the hands of fools.        EPITAPH – KING CRIMSON