• AS POST-PANDEMIC REOPENINGS EVOLVE: Under the stress of maintaining business productivity & profitability, owners & managers are understandably likely to ‘backburner’ some elements of leadership which are critical: For MILLENNIALS, priorities remain work/life balance, working remotely, resetting daily routines, and rejection of set workhours; Up to a third  contend they experience ‘work-related anxiety’ which can induce stress, lack of focus, even depression, so they need demonstrated sensitivity to performance.  For the younger Z GENERATION kids, ‘company culture’ remains highest priority, so it’s important to avoid ‘short cuts’ or arguable integrity in dealings with clients or vendors, and ensuring comfort that the company is sound economically (even if not entirely true) so that their jobs are not in long-term jeopardy. Call DCG for courtesy consult.
  • POLLS SUGGEST THAT UP TO 2/3 OF AMERICANS “BELIEVE MAIL-IN VOTING COULD INCREASE FRAUD RISKS… A recent prosecution involved a single Texas suspect submitting 1,700 fraudulent ballots.” In 2005, a genuinely bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform (including ex-president Carter and former Sec’y of State and Minority Leaders from both parties) “issued strong words of caution that expansion of mail-in voting posed real fraud risks… and strongly urged that voter I.D. was the key to preventing cheating & inspiring public confidence – something some liberals today claim provides xenophobic new barriers to the ballot box, notwithstanding photo I.D.s currently needed to board a plane, enter federal buildings and cash a check. Voting is equally important, the Commission said… Today’s pandemic is a once-in-a century change in circumstances, and in many ways continuing the status quo as if the world hasn’t changed is its own way to restrict voting.” Beyond the mail-in-ballot issue, hundreds of lawsuits have already been filed across the country in cases involving requirements to get on the ballot, in-person voting, and “the notion that officials or legislatures have overstepped and may not have the authority to make changes in voting rules” (like restricting number & location of drop-boxes and ‘ballot harvesting’). This election is likely to get uglier. [POLITICO – 9/4/20 and JUSTTHENEWS – 9/3/20]
  • “CLIMATE CHANGE IS NO LONGER A THEORETICAL THREAT… Worst in the northern latitudes where warm winters melt more snow, causing ground to absorb more heat, which leads to dry soil that fuels wildfires & thaws permafrost, releasing carbon into the atmosphere… warming oceans to circulate more slowly causing warming summers, colder winters, changing rainfall patterns and more destructive storms… These freak patterns, researchers say, are almost certainly the result of mankind pumping 2.6 million pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere per second, causing instability that produce stronger, more frequent storms (recently 1,200 California lightning strikes in a 72-hour span), while rising ocean temperatures & moist air spawn more powerful Atlantic hurricanes (so far ten this season with upcoming storms predicted twice as intense as usual).” [THE WEEK – 9/11/20]
  • POLITICAL CORRECTNESS CONTINUES TO ONE-UP ITSELF. A writing seminar course in “Overthrowing the State” is now offered at Virginia’s Washington & Lee University (ironically named in part for a confederate general) – “a writing class on Developing Manifestos and other Narratives to Overthrow a Sitting Government and forge a Better Society… including producing a Manifesto and writing a persuasive essay on ‘rewriting history and confronting memory’ in a hypothetical country… Classic favorite Marxist revolutionaries include Che Guevara and will focus on the ‘Global South’ – a term originated by the World Bank as an alternative to the apparently offensive ‘Third World’ term… Founding Fathers of the U.S. are described in horrible phrases and statues of abolitionists are ripped down in the name of tolerance. Presumably all the students will pool their grades and share one average.” [RED STATE – 9/4/20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: The P.C. winner last month however was a British agency that rejected an ad for “Someone confident in barbering & hairdressing for a busy, friendly, small salon; only happy friendly stylists need apply.” The rejection was based on ‘happy’ being considered ‘discriminatory,’ since “it may make some people feel they cannot apply if they do not consider themselves to be happy.”

     George Carlin on why the American Educational system mess will never be fixed (presented in very colorful language): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsL6mKxtOlQ&feature=youtu.be

    Definition of Committee:  People who can do nothing individually sitting to decide that nothing can be done together