• PENDING SOME TYPE OF BIPARTISAN ‘ECONOMIC RELIEF’ BILL, POLITICS HAS STALLED FURTHER PPP ‘PANDEMIC RESCUE’ LOANS. But, meanwhile, banks are not so enthused to further participate anyway, since they’ve disbursed some $525 billion so far (to over five million businesses) with SBA yet to approve/deny any – and therefore neither been reimbursed or able to begin the process of collecting from borrowers (which can be further deferred up to six years at 1% interest).  Under the program rules, it can be months to decide whether a loan should be forgiven, which is also “impacting many small businesses eager to dispense with the loans as they struggle to emerge from a recession, especially those trying to sell (what’s left of) their businesses… Additionally, while SBA is also under pressure to crack down on fraud & abuse, and so far only fewer than 2% of the loan forgiveness apps have been filed… there is significant concern that SBA may not anticipate the magnitude” or have the capacity to handle what’s to come.  [POLITICO – 9/27/20] 
  • WHAT THE 2020 ELECTION IS REALLY ABOUT: Whether the electorate (and whether that means authenticated eligible citizens only, or not): (1) “prefer to live in a Democratic Republic ordered toward the principles of the Founders and Constitutional Structure they designed to protect individual liberty; or (2) prefer to politely overlook those principles in order to satisfy ever more radical egalitarian demands…(ostensibly to atone for the injustices committed against racial majorities)… responsible purely to numerical majorities, determined by who has the greatest allegiance in the biggest cities of the largest states.”  [WASHINGTON FREE BEACON – 9/25/20]
  • COURTS AROUND THE GLOBE ARE OVERWHELMED AND BACKLOGGED WITH LITIGATION CASES ranging from contract & liability disputes, to government restrictions, to neighbor nuisance matters, to ‘equality’ concerns – like a case involving French Medical Groups arguing to ban Virginity Certificates – “requested by Muslim families of North African origin ahead of a marriage ceremony, as proof that the bride-to-be has an intact hymen. Opponents contend that the procedure violates rights & privacy of women, are ‘quack documents’ without medical justification and thus effectively meaningless, as hymens can stretch or break for a range of reasons unrelated to sex. The opposing side are French Doctors, arguing against criminalization on the premise that such Certificates can actually save the lives of women threatened by their families or future husbands.” [THE WEEK – 10/2/20]
  • SYSTEMIC WHITE SUPREMACY IS A “BOGUS CONCEPT invented on college campuses.” This week’s Presidential Debate moderator badgered Trump as to why he doesn’t ‘condemn White Supremacists” – both giving presumed legitimacy to the concept, and insinuating that the President IS such a person. Meanwhile, “four months of looting/ arson/ window-breaking/ vandalism/ intimidation/ physical assaults/ stabbings & beatings by BLM and Antifa is evidently acceptable and supported by Democrat leadership and Platform (much less being ‘condemned’ or been queried why?).  The concept is now that “anyone defending the non-demonstrating or non-lawbreaking public from psychotic violence is now cursed as a White Supremacist – worse than Murder, Drug Dealer or Child Molester… There are whites and blacks and Asians and others who do terrible things, but they don’t represent any kind of organized movement… To falsely accuse a person or organization ought to be considered defamation, per se,” especially when the slander comes from national media and social media controllers, or considered religious discrimination when preached by the anti-American, Anti-Semitic or Christian hate groups.”   [TOWNHALL – 9/30/20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:   A very clever s message about Climate Change awareness: https://birdsandbeespsa.com

      “The Covid vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe. If they don’t, then the country is safe.”