Once upon a quiet time, looking backward from today, the world seemed much more stable in most important ways.

     Folks woke up most mornings with ‘great new day’ perspection, and little wasted energy on some upcoming Election.

Just a few decades later, the picture certainly changed as Progressivism fomented a country much deranged.

     Suddenly 24/7 news always clamoring about — which  ‘Groups’ are most dangerous, creating anxiety and doubt,

always sounding urgent with critical impact on our lives, and most listeners not bothering to simply recognize

     that Talking Heads and biased Polls do not reflect reality, and seldom even reflect the simplest shred of sanity.  


While propaganda diverts us from issues that really matter, Culture fast evaporates, the American Dream gets shattered.

     Power struggles, politics, demands for Reparation, crazy claims from Activists all starving for attention,

religious wars still raging after many thousand years, while social media & politicians play to peoples’ fears.

     Democracy in tatters, Capitalism on the run, distrust in elected leaders, fear from lunatics with guns.

The Dream’s become a figment of generations past, expectation of Retirement now a prayer with little chance.

     So increasingly Elections are tragicomic to be sure, with people – citizens and not – voting ignorantly with furor. 


It’s safe to say many are shocked by most election results, which randomly demonstrate the nation’s changing pulse.

     For sure too late to wrestle back that once-upon-a-time when Stability was a good thing, when Trusting felt just fine,

when workers simply did their best to provide as best they could, focused mostly on their families and on the general good.

     Being American is a privilege that way too few respect, while they let the Dream drift away, due mostly to neglect,

stupidly and shamefully.  It’s time to turn around our disappearing culture from behavior run aground

     by rabble rousers on both sides and media support, attacking anyone with different views, promoting ‘socialism’ for sport.


We see implosion everywhere at an ever-increasing pace, on a path to where democracy could find itself erased.

     One by one, structures crumble – authority, politics, religion, respect for others’ cultures, family values and tradition –

with priorities mostly focused on personal ‘rights’ and ‘feel,’ not country or community but instead ‘What’s Best For Me.’

     Fueled by Activists and Media pursuing power/ money/ fame, as widening partisanship keeps Others always at blame,

with most opposing perspective perceived as ‘anti-me,’ unwilling to even listen to positions contradictory,

     and feelings mostly evolving from ‘fake’ or biased news, while Confirmation Bias negates all opposing views.


Anger and antagonism keep increasing at a pace which has torn the country wide apart – and what a tragic waste!

     From all appearance, at this point, from all we’ve failed to learn, are we heading rapidly toward massive crash & burn, 

           with societal structure headed past the Point of No Return?                      DENNIS GRAY  11/20