• TIME MANAGEMENT IS ABOUT ALLOCATING ENERGY TO OPTIMALLY ACCOMPLISH PRIORITY TASKS in a realistic time frame. But an overriding and critical factor generally overlooked is about ‘bandwidth’ – one’s energy or mental capacity to handle tasks, an essential metric in productivity.” Key elements are usually: (1) Struggle with inability to say No, which then pre-empts existing obligations & priorities from time allocated to logistics/ preparation/ planning/ & doing the new task(s); (2) Underestimating the degree of interruptions & distractions from colleagues, calls, personal life issues – especially worrying, “arguably the most useless negative emotion when one has no control over a situation; (3) Pursuing perfection or holding oneself to impossible criteria, feeling efforts are never ‘good enough,’ which wastes bandwidth… Particularly in stressful times, to better track productivity, focus on bandwidth.”  [FAST COMPANY – 11/4/20]
  •  CYBERSECURITY’ IS JUST A WORD, BUT TAKE A BREATH BEFORE READING THIS: The likelihood that some of your business & personal identification, credentials and other info has NOT already been stolen and sold on the Dark Web is close to zero. “Hundreds of millions of pieces identifying info are bought/sold/traded every day – compromising records & exposed passwords… And if you’re hacked, you are at high risk of Account Takeover fraud.” You can check your exposure (showing source of each record and actual breached password) free at SpyCloud.com.  DCG have decades of experience in helping protect businesses & families, and serve on the Board for Org – one of America’s leading organizations committed to preventing breaches and recovering from the inevitable breaches that occur [JRNL OF ACCOUNTANCY – Nov 20]
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CAN NOW PREDICT ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE up to seven years before clinical diagnosis. An A.I. model developed by IBM and Pfizer uses speech patterns, with “about 70% accuracy, based on a longitudinal study tracking 5,000 healthy people & their families over seven decades… which analyzes short language patterns of word usage recorded during a cognitive test to recognize subtle changes that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.” [CNET – 10/22/20]
  •  THE 2020 ELECTION DEBATED ESOTERIC ISSUES (like climate change, perceived racial inequalities, federal ‘solutions’ to coronavirus) but virtually zero discussion or consideration of candidate views on the American “way of war – progressive versus conservative approaches & inconsistencies from multilateral vs transactional/bilateral agreements, treaty commitments with allies, troop engagement vs withdrawals, etc.” Since WWII, ‘wars’ (Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq) have “generally lacked Agoals, instead expanding to more political objectives to ‘assure stable & democratic governments’ and ‘war on terror,’ with the military then launching Civic Action Plans and/or Economic Development programs – along with expending trillions of borrowed funds while fighting continued, with over 100K American service men/women dead and over 300K wounded… Sun Tzu wrote over 2,500 years ago: ‘Tactics without Strategy are a Road to Defeat.’ Now might be a good time to think strategically about engagement withdrawal policies.”  [DEFENSE.COM – 11/1/20]

         CDC has updated its records and announced that of 220K reported Cove deaths, some 60% were cases where patients were already “critically ill with life-ending diseases, many already in hospice, and did not die from coronavirus.” The motivation to misclassify MAY have been influenced by the Medicare reimbursement bonus of 20% when listed as Covid death without necessity of any evidence.  https://www.oann.com/cdc-reveals-hospitals-counted-heart-attacks-as-covid-19-deaths/