• “IT IS GENERALLY ACCEPTED THAT THE WORLD IS SPLIT ROUGHLY EVENLY BETWEEN EXTROVERTS, who are energized by social situations and assertive, and INTROVERTS who listen more than talk, think before speaking, and prefer less stimulating environments… In disrupted times – this pandemic being the largest in a generation – balanced, thoughtful & well-informed analysis & decision making that draw on input from executive management and Board is crucial.” So, all ideas and voices should be heard in strategic discussions. Tips to facilitate input from the quieter introverts: (1) Assign pre-reading agenda that ask every to prepare to speak about a situation or decision; (2) Narrow the Agenda to most critical matters and allow adequate time for quality thinking and exchange of ideas; (3) Ask vocally and directly for input to encourage contributions… When diversity of thought matters most, leaders must be especially vigilant in managing naturally occurring human dynamics that can prevent that diversity.”  [CORPORATE BOARD MEMBER – 11/20/20]
  • WHEN WILL POST-PANDEMIC LIFE RETURN TO NORMAL? VERY POSSIBLY LIKELY, NEVER. “The broken sense of ‘normalcy’ that prevailed prior to the Corona crisis marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory” somehow justifying the “1% of 1%” who gather annually in Davos Switzerland “in their private jets & limos, to expound on the importance of sustainability and saving the planet… which has resulted in an unprecedented level of cooperation & ambition to accomplish and show how quickly we can make radical changes to our lifestyles, almost instantly forcing businesses & individuals to abandon practices long claimed to be essential – from frequent air travel to working in an office.” World leaders now use the phrase ‘Building Back Better’ to profess the “Great Reset – a blueprint for complete transformation of the world economy. No money, no private property, no democracy. Instead, every key decision decided by a remote, unaccountable elite of ‘experts’ in order to create a New World Order.” The phraseology sounds innocuous enough, but transformation redefining the meaning of capitalism is happening, while most are oblivious. [BREITBART – 11/20/20]
  • LATEST STATS ON SCHOOL CLOSURE IMPACT: “Public policy is supposed to be based on rational consideration of the common good… not politicians’ dependency on teachers’ unions for reelection.” Mounting evidence from researchers on the social toll from school closures now includes: (1) “For young adults, risk of dying from Covid is lower that from the flu and children do not easily transmit the virus to adults;” (2) In New York City, miniscule rate of infection among students & staff members – just two cases per thousand; In St. Paul, double the normal rate of kids failing, at 40% this quarter; In Dallas, 50% of students “regressed” in math; (3) In Sweden, where closure or masks were never required nor classes downsized, not a single child died nor parents or teachers more likely to be hospitalized. (4) “Extrapolating from the established effects of education & income on life expectancy, American school closures could shorten students’ lives by a cumulative total of five-million years – more than were lost to the pandemic this spring… Closing schools was a dubious move in the first place, when CDC warned it would likely do little to stem the pandemic (and noted that closings in other countries had failed to make a discernible impact). Today it makes even less sense in light of accumulated evidence.”    [MANHATTAN INSTITUTE FOR POLICY RESEARCH CITY JOURNAL – 11/20/20]  

    Wealth ‘redistribution’ has already been legislated as mandatory Wealth Tax in six European countries, and last week by Argentina’s lower house of Congress. A glimpse of what could come:  a tax on the ‘ultra-rich’ – over $2.5M net worth – defined as an Extraordinary Solidarity Payment, ostensibly to finance programs for families hit by the pandemic. The flat tax is 2%, increasing progressively as equity increases.

     Ignoring political perspective of Leftist/ Liberal/ Conservative labels or Party identity, an angry but reality-based picture about corruption of the country’s leaders, election &  justice systems, and mob-setting direction, guiding the republic toward disintegration:   https://parler.com/post/bd1314e764a041349c84d3eddc4b035b