• “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
  • ANOTHER CALIFORNIA MESS: (1) “Hackers, identity thieves & overseas criminal gangs stole over $11 billion in Unemployment Benefits, with possibly another $20 billion suspected fraud not yet confirmed… Technologically outdated state systems were caught flat-footed by an avalanche of fraudulent claims by scammers’ claims, with funds credited to an online account they controlled.” Additionally, many many taxpayers will now be receiving 1099G tax forms reporting to IRS payments they never received, requiring hassle of getting corrected forms from Employment Development Dep’t.” (2) Another four million Californians may have to repay EDD for either overpayment or ineligibility, after audits disclosed enough errors “to require more than 3-million hours of work to even resolve half the issues… Previous audits had revealed lack of planning for recessions, poor management of call centers, and a laborious training program for new employees that hindered ability to respond to any surge in claims.” The wonder of efficient government.  [KREBS ON SECURITY and ASSOCIATED PRESS – 1/27/21]
  • CALLING HUMANS BY ANIMAL NAMES AS AN INSULT IS THE LATEST WOKE ABUSE. The PETA folks (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) now claim that ‘speciesism’ words represent “human supremacist terminology… So calling someone an animal reinforces the ‘myth’ that humans are superior, therefore justifying the violation” of animals’ rights – like enslaving them for labor, protection, and/or eating them. PETA suggests replacing Human Supremist words: like calling someone a Coward instead of chicken, Jerk instead of snake, Snitch instead of rat, Repulsive instead of pig, or Lazy instead of sloth. [LBN EXAMINER – 1/31/21]
  • THE MAJOR EXECUTIVE ORDERS IN THE FIRST WEEK OF PRESIDENCY IMPACTED: (1) Immigration Control – Halted deportation, irrespective of criminal conviction; Provides asylum to migrants until court cases are heard and irrespective of their failure to show up; Halted border wall construction; Allows work permits for DACA children of illegal aliens; Revoked withholding of federal funds for Sanctuary Cities; (2) National Security & Defense – Rescinded the travel ban on countries harboring terrorist threats; Orders Assessment of ‘domestic violent extremism’ in all government & nongovernmental organizations; Approved Transgender military service and surgery; (3) Health & Covid – Imposed travel restrictions from Europe, South Africa & Brazil; Requires self-quarantine or isolation after U.S. entry; Requires Masks in all federal buildings, lands &public transportation; Halted requirement for health centers to pass insulin & epinephrine lower prices to patients; Reversed ban on federal funding to foreign organizations that actively promote abortion; Allows abortion in the event that Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade; (4) Environment – Orders all federal agencies to confront Climate Crisis and Environmental Justice; Halted oil & gas drilling on federal lands; Cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline; Rejoins the Paris Climate Accord; (5) ‘Equity For All’ Policies – Requires all federal Agencies to promote Social Welfare, Racial Justice, and  Equity (vs Opportunity Equality) in income, gender, identity, sexual orientation; Orders Census determining Congressional seat apportionment to include non-citizens and illegal aliens in count; (6) Federal Debt – Increases federal employee wages to $15/hr; Suspends student loan interest and collections.   https://www.theepochtimes.com/bidens-first-week-in-office_3677413.html?utm_source=morningbrief&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mb-2021-01-30

     Safest Covid virus avoidance when single passenger in an Uber or taxi is sitting in the back right seat, with open windows only on front right and back left side. New York Post reported computer simulations showing aerosol exhale exposure was 10% less than even when all four windows are open (at 50 mph) by creating an “air current that acts like a barrier between driver & passenger.”

     The risk of losing freedom to Big Tech –  “essentially a few billionaires who already have a chokepoint on global thought and dissemination –  is chilling.”  As the Singularity approaches, the point where computer A.I. in fact controls human decision-making (which no tech experts deny is coming), today’s ‘cancel culture’ will look trivial.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAZurGCfZgk&feature=youtu.be