• “THE ONLY THING MESSIER THAN A BARELY REGULATED INTERNET, is one regulated by the people who would like to regulate it… Big Tech is one of the menaces of the age, with a power that exceeds anything in the history of information – not only to decide what we can hear, say & know, but the ability to decide what the past, present & future looks like, essentially allowing a small number of malign Silicon Valley lefties the power to impose their world view over every non-totalitarian-ruled population on the planet… with fake news, disinformation and hate speech, while never ‘breaking the law’… Only ‘other people do that, which is why it is always other people who must be stopped.”  [SPECTATOR – 2/4/21]
  • EVERY NIGHT, OVER 20% OF SLEEPTIME IS SPENT IN UP TO SIX ‘DREAM SEQUENCE CYCLES,’ during which some 86 billion neurons rewire their connections 200 trillion times each moment. During those cycles, people generally spend collectively about two hours “experiencing ‘vision’ even though eyes are closed… in what researchers now call ‘defensive activation’ – a process which compensates for otherwise deprivation, in order to prevent other senses from taking over the brain’s visual cortex while it goes unused.” The nature and vividness of dreams (or nightmares) are impacted by numerous factors including: stress, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, consumption of alcohol/pot/recreational drugs, and medications like beta-blockers/ antidepressants/ serotonin inhibitors. Some also experience lucid dreams, aware that they are dreaming, but most details evaporate upon awakening. “Dreams are effectively the counterbalance against too much brain flexibility, “better understood as a strange love child of its adaptability to assume new shapes & hold them, and rotation of the planet.” [TIME – 2/15/21] 
  • “THE INEQUALITY OF ‘EQUITY’… Literally all human groups comprise differential outcomes – unequal income distribution, educational histories, criminal records, etc. When culture takes a hand, disparities can be more deeply rooted than random chance, but discrimination is not the cause of such disparity… The philosophy of new administration policymaking is that now EQUITY – in common political parlance, meaning that each group should receive the same outcome as every other group – has replaced EQUALITY, the Constitutional and traditionally American concept that citizens receive equal protection of the law, without invasion of any of those rights… Additionally, the now priority mantra for RACIAL Equity implies ‘equal outcome’ by race, which means neither animus nor discrimination policy is relevant or necessary to prove inequity… This philosophy represents the difference between justice & injustice, rights & infringements, individualism & tribalism, and is both idiotic and perverse, making the new president’s pledge for ‘return to unity & decency’ a complete farce & sham.” [DAILY WIRE – 2/3/21]   
  • “LATEST DECREE FROM THE SAN FRANCISCO ‘WOKE’ GESTAPO CREW is that ‘acronyms’ are a symptom of White Supremacy culture, since they may be confusing to non-native English speakers.” So, the SF School Board, after already deciding to rename 44 schools because they were named after people with ‘ties’ to racism, has now decided to eliminate acronyms, starting with change the Arts Department’s moniker VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) to SFUSD Arts Department (ignoring that this still contains an acronym). Their basis for this determination is a 1999 Paper which also identifies other words – including “Perfectionism, Sense of Urgency, Individualism and Objectivity” – which are purportedly characteristic of White Supremacy and alienating to sensitivities of some. “Are we at a point where the more education you receive the dumber you get? When you see this nonsense and its spread, you have to wonder.” [TOWNHALL – 2/6/21]

    Over $3 billion of PPP funding legislated to support business relief was paid out to the Catholic Church. Associated Press reports one example being Diocese of Charlotte requesting $8 million in aid despite having over $100 million of their own cash & short-term investments last spring

    Change your password. Don’t reuse passwords. Over 3 billion user credentials were recently posted online, in the biggest ever compilation of hacked credentials. This is not about if but when you’re otherwise at real risk of stolen identity. For other tips on protection: https://securethevillage.org/