• THE START OF ECONOMIC RECOVERY IS FORSEEABLE, obviously contingent on warmer weather slowing the virus and vaccinations which prevent long-term serious side effects from current and any new strains. Despite major impediments – like opening the border to millions more workers/ curtailing the oil/gas industry/ appointing & institutionalizing “unproductive commissar-like wokism”/ $30+ trillion federal debt with ongoing deficits which are unsustainable/ a “Progressive laundry list of ever more ‘essential’ entitlements”/ unquestionable inflation/ economic destruction and psychological trauma that will last for decades” – the intact infrastructure and pent up demand for consumers for products & services should allow recalibration back toward some level of normality. “Covid-19 may be comparable to a neutron bomb which indeed killed hundreds of thousands and destroyed the economy” but, now waning, will be overcome by American spirit and initiative.  [AMERICAN GREATNESS – 2/28/21]
  • AS THE POST-PANDEMIC ECONOMY DOES RESTART, an absolute priority for business growth, profitability & stability should be Financial Forecasting. The critical factors in doing this effectively are: (1) Start with GOALS, not with last years’ numbers; (2) Work backwards to clarify Objectives – what’s necessary to achieve those Goals, including specific metrics based on projected business activity (aka Key Performance Indicators or KPIs); (3) Reality-Base your Objectives on input from key stakeholders in operating results, most certainly Department Heads, Marketing & Sales leaders as well (often more so) than executives; (4) Monitor the Forecast on a monthly or quarterly ‘rolling forecast’ basis, in order to implement timely changes in tactics if/when necessary. DCG have decades of expertise & experience in setting and achieving Goals which lead to productivity, profitability, stability and Valuation. Call us for courtesy consultation in this next critical business or personal phase [CALIFORNIA CPA – Mar/Apr 2021]
  • MEANWHILE, THE MASS CLOSURE OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS “has caused immeasurable chaos and frustration for families across the country, has set back educational advancement for children and, in combination with other forms of isolation stemming from the pandemic, has taken a dark toll on student mental health.” School shutdown research is showing devasting impacts, including a study from National Fair Health nonprofit reporting 63% increase in overdoses, 91% increase in kids coming to doctors after “trying to hurt themselves (a 300% increase in some parts of the country under very strict regulations), and 23% of emergency room visits at one point last year from mental illness complaints.” Of the absurd $1.9 trillion proposed emergency Covid relief bill, only $6 billion is allocated to 2021 funding for K-12 re-opening. “Why is it that adults get to pack into planes safely while kids are last in the reopening plan,” even if that were enough?    [REASON – 2/18/21 and FOX NEWS – 3/3/21]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:        Check out Peyton Manning’s new job:    https://1funny.com/sunset-acres-village/ 

 Venezuela’s hyperinflation has made their currency virtually worthless; Venezuelans that moved to Colombia now commonly weave bills into bags and wallets, then sell them on the streets.