• RETURN TO OFFICE WORKPLACES IS COMPLICATED. According to a new McKinsey study, one-in-three workers so far say that transitioning back has “negatively impacted their mental health and they are five times more likely to want reduced responsibility, with 44% who are parents/caregivers worried about contracting the virus & spreading to their unvaccinated kids… Nearly half those still remote but scheduled to return say they anticipate negative impacts, such as anxiety & depression – not only for health & safety, but also losing a sense of autonomy gained while working remotely during the pandemic… Researchers further caution that returning to office can increase stress leading to burnout which can show up as Exhaustion (depletion of mental or physical resources), Cynical Detachment (social disconnectedness), and/or reduced Sense of Efficacy (personal value).” Call DCG to discuss strategies[CNBC – 8/3/21]
  • THE CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR RECALL ELECTION WILL NOW ALLOW ‘REMOTE’ MAIL-IN BALLOTS which (1) can be sent out to every voter without request; (2) printed-at-home and mailed back from every (alleged) registered voter, wherever now living; or (3) hand-delivered to the county elections official. The law was rammed through by state legislators in January (solely for this election and expiring after 2021) immediately upon the Recall having qualified, without procedures for how received ballots are secured or checked for duplication. Especially with the LA County system – which had massive problems in both 2020 primary and general elections – and with harvested ballots delivery, what could possibly go wrong?
  • HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS CAN NOW GRADUATE WITHOUUT PROVING THEY CAN READ, WRITE OR DO MATH in Oregon. Law was just passed as a “declared emergency necessary for the immediate preservation of public peace, health and safety… during a 3-year process for determining ‘equitable’ changes to requirements for a Diploma… since testing leads teachers to teach how to take a test, rather than how to think, analyze information or problem solve… based on studies showing that test requirements increase the dropout rate among low-income students, students of color and those neuro-diverse, which keeps them from achieving their potential.” [EPOCH TIMES – 8/11/21]
  • ‘PAREIDOLIA IS THE NAME FOR A PSYCHOLOGICAL PHENOMENON wherein people hear and/or see what they want to. This particularly includes “racial slurs or sights when none exist. However, we exist in an environment where, to millions, even inanimate objects are ‘racist’… and to whom these have become idols of COTPO – Church of the Perpetually Offended – where race is worshipped, woke-ism is penance, and salvation can only be achieved by the Faithful, who have been the victimized and cannot be dissuaded from their perpetual pain, since to do so would be to ask one to denounce their faith altogether… Genuinely blatant and public racist incidents are hard to come by in America these days, but that’s what they need to reach sainthood status and continue to fill the collection plate. So today even the possibility of an offense becomes of equal value to an actual offense and, with America having been so successful in relegating racism to the fringes of society, they desperately search for racism around every corner.” [RED STATE- 8/10/21]

     Risk of a second heart attack, stroke or early death, to 48,000 people who’d suffered their first heart attack/ stroke/ angina, was lowered up to 50% by consuming 3.7 ounces of alcohol weekly – equivalent to a bottle of wine or six-pack of beer – according to researchers at University College London.

     Over 950,000 Amazon employees now represent one-of-every 150 American workers and one-of-every 350 Americans. Amazon has also now converted 25 shopping malls across the country into distribution warehouses, ironically repurposing the former retail outlets its e-commerce helped doom.