• THE COVID HOSPITALIZATION NUMBERS ARE MISLEADING. Researchers from Harvard & Tufts Medical Schools studied Veterans Health Care Systems records for some fifty thousand admissions across the country to conclude that in the first six months of 2021 – after vaccination was widespread but before the Delta variant had arrived – “roughly half of all hospitalized patients showing up on Covid-data dashboards had only a mild presentation of the disease (like shortness of breath) and/or were admitted for another reason entirely; 57% for vaccinated patients and 45% for unvaccinated… Additionally, case counts depended upon which and how many people happen to get tested, while death counts don’t account for people who suffered from significant illness but survived… Our most reliable Pandemic number is losing meaning.”  [THE ATLANTIC – 9/13/21]
  • A FUTURISTIC SELF-SUSTAINABLE ‘SMART’ CITY, with “zero environmental impact, encompassing “100% renewable energy, food cultivation and peak technology & connectivity built into every aspect of residential/ commercial/ play/ workspace” – is in actual planning stages. Location is within a 4-hour flight of 40% of the planet, a Saudi Arabian Province near the Red Sea, curated by the Crown Prince and country’s Public Investment Fund, as well as private investors. NEOM, acronym for ‘New Future’ is “far beyond the scope of anything that has been done before.”  [IMPACT LAB – 9/14/21]
  • LATEST RESEARCH SHOWS THAT MELATONIN CAN “IMPROVE SEVERAL ASPECTS OF MEMORY and increase formation of new brain cells. Well-known for improving sleep (particularly jet lag & insomnia) … Decline in memory begins during middle age and gradually worsens for some 40% of the elderly population, due to oxidative damage which Melatonin, with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, can reduce by improving ‘neural plasticity’ – ability of the brain to change & adapt o experience. It may also protect against chronic mild stress hormones which negatively affect retrieval of memories, along with inhibiting growth of certain cancers and enhancing the immune system.”  [LIFE EXTENSION – 10/21]
  • GEN Z MILLENIALS, born after the start of the internet, are “drowning in thoughts, opinions, secrets & revelations about people, to the point they really have no awareness of who to trust or ignore: (1) Living in a very intolerant culture that only approves of someone else’s view of ‘perfection,’ without knowing how to live outside of the today’s Cancel Culture influence; (2) Raised in an age where cultivation of one’s image is the norm, with many putting on a show that paints themselves as altruistic, loving, good-natured and meme-worthy, where something called ‘stan culture’ develops fanaticism which becomes akin to worship; (3) Without experience to understand that every person makes errors, is prone to mistakes they later regret, that perfection is unattainable, and forgiveness is one of the greatest human virtues; (4) Blindly crucifying flawed heroes while following the herd.  [RED STATE – 9/7/21]

                  “”There is a major difference between intelligence and stupidity; intelligence has its limits.”

                      Change your password. Don’t reuse passwords. It’s not about if but when you’re otherwise at real risk of stolen identity. For easy and sensible tips on protection: https://securethevillage.org/

              “The mainstream media, aka the Fourth Estate, has become a fifth column of provocateurs and saboteurs, providing cover up, corruption and confusion to our information-drenched society, through both print and the raised eyebrows & outraged tones in voices of talking heads… Whether election fraud, coronavirus cures, military debacle, or Marxist infiltration of our social institutions, the media elites are the gatekeepers who determine what will be taken seriously, dismissed with a smug laugh, or ignored completely… Essentially, if you depend on mainstream media to educate you, everything you know is fake.”  [REAL CLEAR POLITICS – 9/13/21]