• MOTIVATING WORKERS TO PERFORM OPTIMALLY is dependent on process and your personal expectations, but usually more a matter of compatibility with the employee’s values. Motivation is “a skill to create the three psychological needs for generating the vitality to thrive: choice, connection and competence.” When insufficient performance leads a manager/supervisor to ‘write up’ that person (for the file), after dictating all they did or did not do well (whether gently or confrontationally) , it’s usually time to try a strategy of motivation. DCG can help. [SMARTBRIEF – 9/22/21]
  • FAILURE TO PROTECT FREE SPEECH IS THE ANTITHESIS of America’s higher education system. A 2021 survey of some 37,000 students at 159 ‘top-ranked’ colleges and universities claims that “two-thirds of students think ‘shouting down a speaker’ is a legitimate form of free speech, and nearly a quarter believe that Violence can be used… A prior poll showed roughly half the public supports not just corporate but also government censorship… And the ‘bible’ of the Antifa movement supported by most educational institutions considers ‘Free Speech’ as merely a bourgeois fantasy unworthy of consideration… Stopping free speech is today’s position, among a rising generation of the country’s leaders & writers now embracing censorship and blacklisting.”   [ZEROHEDGE – 9/24/21]
  • MEMORY ISSUES ARE COMMON IN THE MAJORITY OF SENIOR CITIZENS – temporary forgetting of names/ numbers/ where something was put/ why am I standing here? – and customary characteristics of brain cell depletion over simple passing of time. While distressing, most seniors are aware and, absent any alternative, are accepting of the annoyance. However, those who “lack understanding, awareness or acceptance of this condition, evidenced often by forgetting or unwillingness to take prescribed medication (for other issues), may have a medical problem called ‘Anosognosia,’ a serious mental illness affecting of the majority of schizophrenics and about 40% of those with bi-polar disorders.”  [WEB MD]
  • “NATIONAL ‘SABOTAGE BY IMMIGRATION’ IS THE ONE TRULY EXISTENTIAL ISSUE FOR AMERICA in 2021 and beyond… At this point, an inescapable conclusion is that the illegal border influx is by design (as well as incompetence) … and that, among the witches’ brew of radical left-wing ideas, immigration has been seized upon as one of the quickest and most effective ways to transform the country to their vision, and cementing power for generations… According to the recently departed Border Patrol chief, the current Administration culture has ‘inexperienced political appointees who routinely ignore or reject common-sense recommendations from career immigration enforcement professionals’… engaging in a strategy to destabilize the nation for political benefit, which threatens to take America into one of the darkest chapters in its history.” [AMERICAN GREATNESS – 9/23/21]

     Afghanistan update: (1) Many Taliban fighters are worried that they miss jihad & their chance at martyrdom, and are bored by their new desk-duty roles as administrators, reports the Washington Post.  (2) The Ministry for Women’s Affairs has been replaced with Ministry for Promotion of Virtue & Prevention of Vice – the former agency which arrested and beat women not wearing full-body burqas; (3) Women and girls are now barred from school and work, with the exception of attendants in women’s restrooms, reports The Week. Doubtful that America’s  Me Too movement will be adopted…

      After two-thirds of the Giant sequoias acreage has burned down since 2015, firefighters finally last week started wrapping many remaining trees in flame-retardant foil.