• MANAGING EMPLOYEES, ESPECIALLY TEAMS, WITHOUT PROVOKING THEIR RESENTMENT AT BEING ‘MICROMANAGED’ can be tough.  A few tips: (1) First be clear as to project or assignment Goal(s) and timeline; (2) At the outset, let all team members know objectives, milestones & priorities; (3) Communicate fully to avoid uncertainties as to (i) individuals’ responsibilities – WHO does WHAT, (ii) timelines necessary for coordination – WHEN, and (iii) necessary tasks/steps to be taken – HOW; (4) Encourage questions and give realistic answers; (5) Monitor but maintain ‘coaching’ attitude, versus blaming workers and/or showing personal defensiveness if/when progress disappoints your expectations; (6) call DCG for guidance.
  • PHYSICIANS & PSYCHOLOGISTS CONCUR THAT COVID IS THE CAUSE OF MAJOR INCREASE IN MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES – a   perfect-storm of principally: “(1) Contagious, life-threatening disease risk combined with unprecedented life-altering changes in the rules of human engagement, leaving people anxious, confused and many deeply resentful; (2) Isolation, loss of resources, death of loved ones, and reduced social support; (3) Awareness of widening gaps between Haves and Have-Nots causing less sense of cohesion across socio-economic classes; (4) Rudeness in public discourse from political leaders and online discussions.  Collectively, these may have had a lethal effect on American manners & interactions – particularly toward people in customer-service industries, deliberately meant to call attention to what people see as unjust policy, effectively becoming civil disobedience.”  [TIME – 11/8/21]
  • “IF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION WERE CONSTRUED IN ACCORDANCE WITH ITS PLAIN & INTENDED MEANING, there would be no question but that every member of Congress who is a self-described socialist would be ineligible to hold office… By having taken an Oath of office which swears or affirms support for the Constitution, they have effectively committed perjury, and act of fraud… Socialism defines a government in which means of Production/ Distribution/ Exchange are either owned or regulated by the State (short of Communism which also owns all Property – even the body of a person). But the American Constitution created a limited Federal Republic, enumerating individual natural rights to life, liberty & property, very intentionally stipulating that all powers not expressly delegated therein be ‘reserved to the States respectively or to the people.’  While socialist & communist regimes define Governments as sovereign, the Constitution defines Individuals as sovereign… So, those socialist adhering members of Congress (as well as similarly adhering state legislators, executive or judicial branch officers) are committing perjury by consciously supporting a system of government which is antithetical to, and which cannot co-exist, with our Constitution.”   [TOWNHALL – 10/31/21]
  • MONTHLY WOKENESS WINNERS: The Pennsylvania school district which announced change in Dress Code Policy just before Halloween to ban “any clothing or gear that is satanic in nature,” after pressure by and capitulation to a local satanic cult. /// The U.S. government issued its first passport with an ‘X’ gender marker, to acknowledge rights of nonbinary, intersex, and gender-nonconforming people. /// Public schools in Virginia surveyed students as young as 10  about their sexual encounters, attempted suicide, gender identity, religious activity, and family life – including questions like “My parent has had their body hurt from actions (such as punching, kicking, choking, shoving, pulling of hair) by a spouse/partner” /// Art Institute of Chicago fired more than 150 female Volunteer Docents  after a woke consulting firm advised them to “ditch the ‘wealthy white’ guides and prioritize ‘equity & diversity.”
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:   Performed over a decade ago, but still perhaps the BEST live illusionhttps://biggeekdad.com/2013/05/magician-kevin-james/.

         The planet is heading to cataclysmic environment crisis, according to progressive activists, all stemming from fossil fuel generated carbon dioxide, produced principally by the U.S., China, Russia & India. But, so far, America’s Administration is “the only country actually engaged in self-inflicted economic suicide,” now proposing a tax on all imports of carbon-intensive production processes (petroleum/ natural gas/ coal/ aluminum/ steel/ iron/ cement), while other countries can & will continue producing and using cheap energy.  The U.S. President & bureaucrats have just participated in lavish ceremonies at U.N. orchestrated Climate Change Conferences in Europe, but leaders of China, Russia and India – consistently the largest pollution contributors – all declined to even show up. 

          What a $1 million home looks like across America is pretty amazing  https://biggeekdad.com/2021/10/million-dollar-homes/