• “THE UNPRECEDENTED WILLINGNESS OF WORKERS TO SIMPLY QUIT” has become a critical factor in maintaining business profitability and stability. Employee retention in today’s climate is dependent on providing workers with opportunity for growth & development, according to the most recent Gallup survey which found nearly half “would consider switching jobs in order to update their skills.” Skilled Managers are a major factor in reducing employee turnover, and “great Managers can also engage their teams to actually outperform when times are tough. But Managers themselves also require upskilling and reskilling – particularly to become less like Bosses and more like Coaches,” starting with: learning to ask & listen to employees, and by leadership strategies which utilize effective & motivational Performance Evaluation processes. Guidance in this area is one of DCG core services to Let us help.  [GALLUP – 11/1/21]
  • “ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS ABOUT THE NONSTOP NAVIGATION OF UNCERTAINTY accompanied by team ‘group flow’ – energizing intensity, constant communication and immediate feedback which optimizes performance in real time… Group flow is most likely when team members have roughly similar skill levels, a shared knowledge base & language, with blended egos allowing for momentum & innovation that comes from ceaselessly amplifying one another’s ideas and actions.” DCG have decades of experience in facilitating optimal ‘in the zone’ work-team output, including, if/when necessary, mediating past obstacles to productivity [PETER DIAMANDIS – 10/31/21]
  • CONVENTIONAL SUPERCOMPUTERS MAY SOON BE OUTMODED BY ‘QUANTUM’ COMPUTERS, which researchers from around the world have been racing to first develop for practical application and country primacy. Chinese scientists now claim to have created a ‘Quantum Processor’ which is 60,000 times faster – “that resolved a complex sampling program in 1.2 hours which would require eight years to be completed by currently most powerful supercomputers, the largest leap forward in computing for decades.” [ IFLSCIENCE – 11/1/21]
  • “THE PLANET IS HEADING TO CATACLYSMIC ENVIRONMENT CRISIS” stemming from fossil fuel generated carbon dioxide produced principally by the U.S., China, Russia and India. But, so far, America’s Administration is “the only country actually engaged in self-inflicted economic suicide, by proposing a carbon fee on all imports of carbon-intensive production processes – petroleum/ natural gas/ coal/ aluminum/ steel/ iron/ cement – while other countries can & will continue using cheap energy oil.” The U.S. President & bureaucrats  just participated in lavish ceremonies at U.N. orchestrated Climate Change Conferences in Europe, but leaders of China, Russia and India (the largest pollution contributors) all declined to participate, period!  Meanwhile, at the cost of setting radical emissions goals impacting every single American with higher cost for fuel and nearly every product, the Intergovernmental Committee on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that “even if U.S. could go to zero emissions ten years from now, a complete impossibility without destroying the world economy, it still would represent only a small fraction of change required to prevent temperature rises over the next hundred years.” [RED STATE – 10/31/21]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “The closest thing to eternal life on earth is a government program.” – RONALD REAGAN 

          “Old age comes at a time when you finally know everything, and start to forget everything you know.”