• PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND MOTIVATION can be enhanced by frequent one-on-one ‘OKR check-ins (Objective & Key Results) from Managers. Besides enabling individual worker monitoring & guidance, when combined with frequent team meetings, OKR also helps workers view each other’s objectives/ progress/ obstacles, which clarifies responsibilities and accountability. Frequent conversations provide feedback, reconition, and allow opportunity for workers to share their perspective – which generally improves their trust in management and commitment to the business.  Call DCG for further courtesy consult.  [BETTERWORKS – 11/3/21]
  • ‘BLOCKCHAIN’ TECHNOLOGY HAS INCREASINGLY BECOME A METHOD OF DAILY INTERACTION for companies and organizations. “Most suitable for non-profits, social networks and new ventures, the process may replace LLCs with a governance system called Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), based on encrypted contractual agreements, storable in a manner transparent, accountable, and impervious to theft or manipulation… Currently, DAOs are mostly formed around cryptocurrency and non-fungible-token (NFT) financial instruments – essentially internet communities with a shared bank account – but may also be ideal for informal groups, clubs or any collective structure of people sharing a common purpose & objective for joint decision-making.” Additionally, both SEC and Federal Reserve have announced that America will not ban cryptocurrency, instead “working with bank regulators to co-exist with the existing financial system, which could enable becoming a frontrunner in global fintech development, blockchain technologies and even more unconventional parts of decentralized finance such as insurance, trade and fundraising.”  [IMPACT LAB – 11/4 AND 11/9/21]
  • LATEST SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH SUGGESTS THAT ‘RIGHT TO CARRY CONCEALED WEAPONS’ is the fundamental Pro-Gun view of American adults, based on several roughly equivalent foundations: “lessor education, religious conservatism, political priorities, and belief in the devil/ demons/ Hell, with increasing conviction that there is a cosmic battle between ultimate good & evil being waged on Earth (as well as the spiritual realm) making the world seem uncertain and threatening.” [ECONOMIST – 11/6/21]
  • LATEST SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACTS: An influx of teenage girls seeking medical attention for “sudden & severe Tics – physical jerking movements and violent outbursts” – has been reported by doctors in America/ Canada/ UK/ Australia since the start of the pandemic. The common denominator, beyond factors like anxiety, depression or stress, has been their “shared fondness for social media, in particular: watching TikTok videos of influencers sharing Tourette’s Syndrome experience, a nervous disorder that causes people to make involuntary movements or sounds.”  [LBN EXAMINER, WALL STREET JRNL – 11/7/21]     Meanwhile, how far will Woke absurdity go? Federal bureaucrats now object to the Washington Redskins name, while missiles & helicopters are named Tomahawk/ Apache/ Kidwa/ Lakota, and code-named like Geronimo (for the Osama BL attack); National products and brand names like Cracker Barrel/ White Castle/ Brownies/ Black Coffee/  Italian sausage/ Hebrew National hot dogs/ English muffins/ and Payday candy (offensive to those who don’t work) are everywhere. When is enough enough?

        Spurred by the media frenzy over Supply-Chain shortages, Holiday Shopping Season started early and Phishing scams are already increasing – typically spoofing FedEx or Amazon emails about a wayward package needing Redelivery and requiring personal/ financial info, particularly on mobile devices where hack attacks are harder to spot.  Be diligent.

        The proposed trillions of dollars Human Infrastructure spending bill includes payoff subsidies to prop up Local News Media outlets, including annual tax benefits for reporters’ salaries, credits for local paper advertisers, and subscriber tax deductions. The media industry, in return for fawning coverage, hesitancy to report too harshly, and left-slanted selection of what gets covered, is not new (PBS and NPR have subsisted on federal financial backing for generations,” but just one example of government-gone-berserk.