• ‘STRATEGIC PLANNING’ HAS BECOME A GENERIC BUZZWORD offered by many consultants whose version involves preparation of ‘Plans’ comprised of spreadsheets, power-point slides, narratives of undecipherable & questionable value, and at hefty cost. DCG version of viable and critical strategic direction is quite different – a simple, readable, few page summary of: (1) Business purpose, tangible goals and strategies to achieve them over a realistic period (generally 2-3 years);  (2) Why and how the company is positioned to excel in achievement, along with acknowledgement of any major risk factors; and (3) Prioritized steps & requirements which focus the intended reader (execs, board, key employees, financiers, etc.) on their role(s) & relevance.  If/when ‘details’ are appropriate (as relevant to that audience), these are provided in Appendix attachment. Clear strategic direction is always a critical factor in business success. Take advantage of DCG courtesy consultation.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA’S BUSINESS MODEL DEPENDS ON “PERPETUAL RANCOR and amplification of extreme points of view” about both important issues and exceptionally unimportant matters – like movie depictions, athletic contests, fashion, ‘talking head’ opinions on future events, and so forth. “Broadcasters like to frame ‘debates’ as a spicy clash between irreconcilable points of view, gladiators who destroy & crash their opponents, treating adversarial debate as ultimately a sport rather than exchange of views… The effect has been loss of ‘argument’ based on thoughtful analysis to resolve disagreements through dialogue and compromise… Like any war, a culture war is a failure of diplomacy, never winnable, and polls consistently show that most people don’t want to participate. Rather, they want compromise and settlement, without which a democratic society cannot function.” What a shame where media technology has led us. [UNHERD – 1/12/22] 
  • AS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND WOKEISM HAVE REACHED LEVELS OF NONSENSE, why is there virtually no public criticism or resistance to the idiocy? Why do advertisers increasingly “fill media with content that displaces & degrades their biggest market segments while catering to below 15% of the American population, and do businesses go out of their way to publicly show support for diversity & CRT theory, replacing ancient long-vanquished oppression of African-Americans with real oppression of ‘whites,’ overcompensating & planting racism-in-reverse? …The answer “likely fear of various inconveniences: negative articles in leftist press, social shunning, frivolous lawsuits, fines for alleged violations, loss of government licenses or contracts, even IRS audits… And/or people think that if they keep quiet, then the pendulum will swing back and everything will sort itself out. But comfort kills the will to resist and produces conformism, which inevitably leads to stagnation, degradation of society, reduction of living standards and, finally, to loss of that very comfort.” History fails completely to support confidence in the Pendulum theory.  [AMERICAN THINKER – 1/8/22]

       Who knew?  NIH says Cannabis Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Replication and Promotes Immune Response to Covid!? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7987002/

        Sleep Deprivation is not only linked to heart attacks, cancer, immunity impairment and dementia, but also now up to 40% greater risk of weight gain. For detailed discussion of latest studies:   https://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2022/2/better-night-sleep 

      The future of Global Citizenship:  A facetious but very poignant picture of the “anyhing is possible” direction in technology’s  upcoming Metaverse –  https://futuristspeaker.com/business-trends/should-we-gamify-citizenship-in-the-metaverse/