• SOME 100 MILLION AMERICANS COMPLAIN ABOUT NOT GETTING A ‘GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP’ (according to Dep’t of Labor surveys), especially about trouble falling back and staying asleep after middle-of-night waking, aka ‘onset’ & ‘maintenance’ insomnia. Since sleep cycles are around 90-minutes, waking around 3:am is common for adults over age 50 who hit the pillow between 10:30 and midnight, whose bladders are gradually weakening. One technique which may help is ‘Body Scanning’ – a “mindfulness technique which involves 10 – 30 seconds focus while scanning from toes to top of head, moving awareness to notice emotions, physical sensations or urges that exist, then ‘thanking’ that part of the body for what it contributes to overall functioning on a daily basis.” [McKINSEY] 
  • CALIFORNIA NOW LEADS THE NATION IN HOMELESS POPULATION with over 50%, having risen a third in the past five years compared to the national average of 6%. Typical home value of $745K is also more than double the country’s average, with contributing factors including laws & regulations which eliminated single-family zoning, permitting & other processes costing nearly four times as much as the land itself, and development limited by anti-growth activists through the California Environmental Quality Act.  [ECONOMIST – 3/12/22]
  • “WE ARE NO LONGER IN THE AGE OF LIBERAL DEMOCRACY’S INEVITABLE TRIUMPH, but rather a new multidimensional, multipolar world of ideological turbulence that is reshaping the West from a main player to just one of the players… For 70 years, the United Nations was a collective system of coordination and intervention, carrying weight under the West’s decisive leadership… But, in reaction to failures of a disgraced cosmopolitan order – led by combination of political, institutional, economic and financial crises provoked in part by unchecked global finance – nationalist projects have reclaimed power from international institutions… The U.S. is mired in unresolved domestic conflicts; Russia is in the grip of nostalgia, feeling unsafe in a world it cannot control; China, cured of past fears & humiliations, is determined to make its way as a prosperous & respected power, free of all ties beyond its control… We are no longer in the bipolar world of superpowers, sharing one-goal ideologies & narratives: to control and dominate.”  [WORLDCRUNCH – 3/8/22]
  • “THE DOMESTIC & FOREIGN THREATS NOW FACING AMERICA require mental strength and emotional intelligence to combat, but are at severe risk from leftist institutions ‘promoting mental illness’ in Gen Z, which many scientists & pundits are now calling a public health crisis… Students are coddled into believing their identities and actions are sacrosanct, never to be questioned or critiqued… Narratives dominated by academia, entertainment, government and corporations, are multiplied by Media as ‘victim’ narratives: telling kids that feelings of disorientation & depression are, rather than caused by societal change and normal hormonal changes, are best addressed by radical damaging medical abuse.” A disturbing perspective on the impact of various phobias and disorders promoted with hypocritical propaganda:  https://thefederalist.com/2022/03/10/todays-left-projects-its-mental-disorders-onto-the-right/

  An Oxford University study found post-covid reduction in brain size and smell decline, up to 5 months after infection, based on comparisons of nearly 800 participants over age 50. Full stats are published in Nature magazine[OX.AC.UK – 3/22]

  Over 5.3 million man-hours have been spent on U.S. military ‘Diversity and Extremism in Ranks’ workshops versus training, but “our armed forces are now ready to counter all other ‘woke’ armed forces in the world,” according to Joint Chief of Staff Mark Milley.  [LBN EXAMINER]

  America’s ‘Social Justice’ scam: The Woke Industrial Complex: https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/vivek-ramaswamy-how-to-dismantle-the-woke-industrial-complex_4325178.html?utm_source=appan2028330