• 88% OF ALL DATA BREACHES ARE FROM PHISHING RESPONSES BY EMPLOYEES – nearly half because of distraction’ – and falling for the same old ‘gotcha’ tricks, according to Stanford University research: (1) eMail solicitations for log-in credentials by response to official-looking requests from executives, bogus DocuSign documents, package-delivery/ bank/ credit card ‘problem’ notices; (2) Internal voicemails sent by email from same bogus senders looking to install malicious malware or charge a fee of some kind; (3) USPS Letters impersonating government agencies with a ‘free USB stick which installs malicious software; (4) Office Gift Card scam which requires only scratch-off and email photo of card reply. “Blame it on pandemic fatigue, remote work or just too much information, but employees appear to be lowering their guard when it comes to detecting social engineering tricks.”  [CSO online – 3/28/22]
  • “ELEVATED MISINFORMATION, VIOLENCE, AND RUSSIAN STATE MEDIA” has been streamed to Facebook users for the past six months. Due to an algorithm ‘bug’ in its News Feed, which took engineers from October until mid-March to find the cause and fix, Facebook exposed some billion people to “content intended for them NOT to see, by as much as 30% worldwide.”  Not to worry about the impact on people who get their ‘truth’ from Facebook, since the company reports that these “bad posts had no meaningful long-term impact on metrics.”  [GIZMODO 3/31/22]
  • BOARD DIRECTORS have a fiduciary responsibility, thru appointment & oversight of Executives, for managing an organization’s operations, safeguarding its assets, and monitoring & managing financial resources — all toward the achievement of strategic goals and objectives. Optimally effective Boards are comprised of Directors with relevant experience, who bring independent perspective and work with executive officers to apply reality-based critical thinking to guide & control the organization’s strategies and risk avoidance. Dennis has decades of expertise & experience serving private and public organizations as an independent Director; call DCG for support.
  • HEALTH TIP: INSUFFICIENT DAILY WATER INTAKE CAUSES DEHYDRATION. Since “water is the main component of blood, which transports nutrients and oxygen to tissues & organs, insufficiency can shrink blood vessels and cause clots, poor metabolism, and induce chronic diseases, including obesity/ high cholesterol, blood, pressure, diabetes/ and kidney stones.” Thirst is the first signal, but other symptoms are feeling tired, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, cramps during exercise, even dry skin. While coffee/ tea/ soft drinks/ beer contain water, they also include dehydration factors – particularly caffeine & alcohol – which increase urination and often expel more water than taken in.  “Not drinking enough water can do more harm to your body than you can imagine.” Minimum intake can be as little as five glasses daily; more when exercising or with increased sweating in heat or humidity. Just FYI.  [EPOCH TIMES – 4/1/22]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:      ‘Roboburger’ vending machines are now being installed in east coast shopping malls – refrigerated fresh meat, with hot toasted buns and custom toppings “grilled fresh in six minutes, from grass & vegetarian-fed 100% Angus beef, antibiotic free, raised with no artificial growth hormones.” Chef-in-a-box gets dispensed from a 12 sq. ft. machine for $7.  [AXIOS – 3/29/22]

       A study by a clinic that treats celebrities (Paracelsus Recover) found that Oscar winners are almost seven times more likely to suffer from mental health and addiction issues than other people. “41of 60 who won Best Actor or Best Actress since 1992 have mental health issues, stemming from the fact that fame is often associated with ‘fear, pain and loneliness’.”   [Vandemanco – 4/3/22]

      57% of American households owed zero federal income tax last year, over 100 million related to declining incomes and/or benefiting from stimulus payments and child tax credits, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.      

      Nano-plastics equivalent in weight to a credit card enter our bodies every week!  Most come from seafood, sea salt, and drinking water – over double the particles are from plastic bottles, versus tap water.