• THE U.S. WORKFORCE IS UNDERGOING MAJOR RESTRUCTURING, as 80% of Gen Z workers now prioritize “working for an employer that aligns with their beliefs about diversity, equity & inclusion.” Additionally, of those who’ve left or are now considering leaving, over seven in ten claim the decision was based on “inflexible work policy.” According to latest LinkedIn data, nearly as many Millennials, half of Gen X, and also six in ten Baby Boomers are saying the same thing. Further, beyond the culture fit, Gen Z workers are also prioritizing employers that ‘invest’ in them and jobs offering career growth opportunities, with 40% claiming they’re willing to accept a 5% pay cut to work in those positions. By 2030, Gen Z workers are projected to be 30% of the workforce, leading to dramatic shifts in how we work.  [FORTUNE – 5/27/22]
  • WORKTEAM CHALLENGES THAT IMPEDE EFFECTIVENESS OFTEN GET IGNORED. When they stem from disparate Emotional Intelligence (EQ) of team members, most common impacts are from three factors. Strategies for minimizing obstacles, include: (1) When discussion is dominated by more extroverted team members and leads to resentment of others – by developing an advance agenda and setting expectations for contribution, which “may seem rigid and unnatural but, in time, gets adopted as structure to hear more voices & perspective”; (2) When sentiment exists that requires separating personal feelings from work matters (which is unrealistic) — by recognizing that emotions are real, by paying attention and acknowledging discomfort or resistant reactions, along with active effort to understand and work together to facilitate resolution; (3) When avoiding tough group conversations which can leads t teammates talking behind each other’s backs, with gossip leading to negativity and disrupting team dynamic — by speaking directly to problem participants which facilitates meeting effectiveness. DCG can help [SMARTBRIEF – 5/19/22]
  • “THE PANDEMIC WAS A TURNING POINT IN OUR HISTORY, with repercussions causing seismic shifts in our society, particularly relating to deurbanization. Forecasts include ongoing decline from northeastern big cities, gentrification of inner cities, rapid growth in the south & west, resurgence in regional train travel, increase in family birthrates & family size, over a third of U.S. employees working remotely full-time… A Move.com survey found primary reasons cited for recent urbanite moves were Finances/ Career/ Personal family considerations, with secondary factors being ‘politics’ and ‘culture’… The trend will impact and influence our future for years to come.” https://futuristspeaker.com/future-trends/deurbanization-part-2-ten-new-predictions/
  • DIVERSION CRISIS OF THE MOMENT: MONKEYPOX. After a few hundred suspected cases in the entire world, and a Bill Gates warning of potential next Pandemic from bioterrorism, the Biden Administration has proposed an Amendment for Emergency meeting of the World Health Organization Assembly (now under consideration) that would “allow WHO to make public declarations of a health crisis without needing to consult with the target country or get verification from local officials.  Its Director General, based on whatever ‘evidence’ he determines, would have powers with unilateral authority to dictate policies & sanctions over the laws of sovereign nations, including the U.S… Regardless of the facts that: (1) Monkeypox has inability to spread widely under normal circumstances, but Gates called on world leaders last year for ‘leading experts’ to hold ‘Germ Games’ (very similar to what transpired just before the outbreak of Covid-19), and to appoint a WHO Pandemic Task Force with  surveillance systems and powers justifying an indefinite global emergency; (2) that, at the beginning of the pandemic, the WHO and various U.N. agencies declared an ‘infodemic’ requiring controls of public information, including widespread censorship under the narrative of fighting ‘dis’ and ‘mis’  information – which continues today; and (3) the Covid-19 model included mass changes to election systems that undermined the basic integrity of elected government… Additionally, the U.S. would give $2.5 billion in funding to CDC for things including ‘enhancements’ to domestic sentinel surveillance programs.”  [EPOCH TIMES – 5/24/22]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:      “If we could have but one generation of properly born, trained, educated, and healthy children, a thousand other problems of government would vanish.” – HERBERT HOOVER

     Plant-based alternatives to animal products are increasingly becoming available as passable products, including milk/ cheese/ chorizo/ tuna/ prawns, as well as meat. ‘Flexitarians’ prefer forgoing meat for health reasons, fitness, animal welfare and climate consciousness – since a gram of beef generates 25 times the volume of greenhouse gas emissions as producing Tofu.  [ECONOMIST]

     Education System Update:  ‘Gender Journey’ guidance for teachers is now presented in a Philadelphia School District workshop titled ‘Kink, TransSex and BDSM.’   //   Fairfax County, Virginia now lists ‘Misgendering’ as a category of Assault & Battery, involving ‘outing relating to gender identification; calling people by their biologically accurate pronouns.’  //    New York City public schools introduced a Woke children’s book which features a gay main character, hails AOC and the Squad, while mocking Mitch McConnell and encouraging swearing.”   [VANDEMAN & LBN EXAMINER]