• FOR ALMOST EVERY BUSINESS DEPENDENT ON INVENTORIES, THE CYCLE HAS NOW INCREASED, in response to uncertainty of product availability – a triple-storm from pandemic and political supply-chain issues, customer on-line ordering, and shortage of workers. The trade-off from flexible just-in-time stockpiling, which optimized efficiency & cash flow but has been dependent on “a largely frictionless world of open borders, predictable demand and transport costs, is now reverting to just-in-case production and overordering, another form of insurance against unexpected delays.” Along with rising interest rates and tightened bank financing, effective forecasting is more critical than ever. DCG can help[ECONOMIST – 6/4/22]
  • “THE MEDIA’S ROLE IN CREATING MASS SHOOTERS GETS LESS ATTENTION THAN IT DESERVES… Many studies have found that: (1) Identification with prior mass shooters made famous by extensive media coverage is a more powerful push toward violence than mental health status or even access to guns; (2) Measurable increases happen within 13 days of a widely publicized event – for every five school  shootings, a sixth would take place that would not otherwise have occurred…  Mass shooters study other mass shooters, and often have a way of relating to them, so the shootings are socially contagious… While not publishing a shooter’s name or photos or story is incompatible with 1st Amendment rights, or enforceable in today’s technological environment, some media & social media self-discipline would help.”  [THE ATLANTIC – 6/2/22]
  • RATTLESNAKE SEASON IS BACK and climate change has facilitated seven new species with body temperatures adapted up to 89 degrees, especially in coastal northern California where tens of thousands have already been sighted in Marin/ Sonoma/ Monterey counties, particularly in developments near wildlands. Rattlers are “notorious introverts who avoid people but, when agitated or surprised, will ball up with signature warning ‘rattle’ and can strike – releasing 130 different toxins which are rarely fatal but can cause severe medical problems including paralysis.” Basic safety tips are: (1) Avoidance of rock/ wood/ debris piles or stepping in places you can’t see; (2) If sighted, stay calm, give it space, never poke or have a staring contest; (3) If bitten, gently wash the wound, keep it level and/or below the heart, do not apply suction, lacerate or apply open flame.  [SF GATE – 5/27]
  • ‘ATTENTION’ IS WHAT GIVES THE MIND STRUCTURE & COHENSION, literally shaping humans’ entire existence in the world. Studies suggest that now nearly 70% of waking hours are consumed by ‘screen-fed information,’ and that focus drops off after somewhere between 90 – 120 minutes, “with multitasking creating a ‘bottleneck’ effect, clogging info from one part of the brain to another, as we engage in daydreaming some 47% of the time… Each piece of Notification technology seductively blinks/ creeps/ beeps/ chimes begging for attention, as waves of dopamine surge through our brains giving a sense of pleasure, but creating an addictive pattern which makes us slaves to our devices, and can be a major factor to Burnout… Spending too much time on social media and chained to the news cycle creates a cacophony in which it is impossible to hear your own voice.” https://psyche.co/ideas/slow-down-its-what-your-brain-has-been-begging-for

The majority of Americans with attitudes about myriad global issues, developed from random media and social media headlines, know little about international affairs. Latest Pew Research testing – 12 short & basic questions like identifying pix of world leaders, country capitals/ continents/ population, NATO members, even knowing current U.S. Sec’y of State – found that bottom scores for nearly two-thirds surveyed were those with least education, but also that even those with college degrees were ignorant of the facts half the time.

A major study published in American Academy of Pediatrics has concluded that “adolescent ‘never tobacco’ users became receptive to e-cigarette advertising” which began in 2013, and within five years enticed 600,000 new users under age 20 (¾ under age 17) who vaped daily and developed nicotine dependence similar to regular smokers of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs & smokeless tobacco. A 40% surge in high school student smoking is now linked to JUUL brand, which introduced youth-appealing flavors, with technology effectively doubling the addictive nicotine content. 

  Maher: “Toxic Positivity” And The Lack Of Shame and Judgment Has Led To The Decline Of Civilization”   Bill Maher   https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2022/06/04/maher_toxic_positivity_and_the_lack_of_shame_and_judgment_has_led_to_the_decline_of_civilization.html?utm_source=rcp-today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mailchimp-newsletter-jwplayer-videos&mc_cid=c5384463a7&mc_eid=afc66dfbec