• CYBERSECURITY RISK IS “ARGUABLY THE GREATEST RISK FACING COMPANIES TODAY, both from an operational and reputational perspective.” As well as Compliance, prioritization of ‘Threat Intelligence’ is also critical – i.e., “determining the risk protection program based on risk assessments, to ensure relevant and appropriate protections are implemented, including commitment to Strategic Communication around internal & external correspondence crafted to protect brand & reputational damage… A compliance-focused approach alone leaves organizations and Boards in a stagnant mindset which is losing strategy against Cyber actors who regularly adapt and identify new ways to infiltrate, versus continual update based on new threat intelligence and potential impacts to critical assets.” Learn more from www.SecureTheVillage.org/resources and/or call DCG for courtesy guidance.  [DIRECTORS & BOARDS – 2O22 ANNUAL REPT]
  • WITH 15 WEEKS UNTIL THE ELECTION, CONCERNS INCREASE ON ALL SIDES. Beyond flagrant false propaganda, is the reality of fact that now “dozens of credible confirmations of November 2020 wrongdoing, irregularities & illegalities which completely undercut the claims of bureaucrats and media.  Over twenty bombshell revelations from State Supreme courts, Legislators, FBI & Homeland Security have shaken voter confidence, particularly in battleground states, and built a compelling case for the ‘bigger lie’ being that the election was flawless.” Substantiating evidence now includes: (1) Ineligible voters – mail-in ballots with fraudulent signatures of dead, moved and illegal residents; (2) Illegal voting process – mobile drop-boxes, absent chain of custody, ‘Harvested’ ballot collection from vulnerable nursing home residents; (3) Miscounted ballots – double scanning, tally errors, transposed data, hacked election machine potential;    (4) Voter deception & fraud – election Administrator bribery to recruit votes, false narrative re Biden family corruption, and more. Details are distressing. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/2022/07/16/evidence_piles_up_about_the_improper_2020_election_574773.html?utm_source=rcp-today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mailchimp-newsletter&mc_cid=37f8bb2f04&mc_eid=afc66dfbec 
  • “THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION THAT AMERICA IS UNDERGOING, between Gen Z and many millennials on the one hand versus the rest of America on the other, goes beyond traditional left-right or liberal-conservative disconnect of decades past. The religion of ‘wokeness’ professed by our credentialed class, especially those just coming into adulthood, is fueled by an unquestioned moral superiority, full of disdain animated by an unshakeable sense of purpose to ‘reeducate’ the country and save it from the stain of injustice, past and present. Aided by their adult enablers in academia/ media/ politics/ corporate world, they appeal heavily to emotion, repeating with an almost religious-like fervor the mantra of eliminating ‘privilege’ – an amorphous and ill-defined term used to besmirch one’s opponents, while failing to see the biting irony of their own station in life (among the most privileged and pampered groups in this nation’s history)” [NATIONAL REVIEW – 2/17/21]  
  •  WE’RE ON AN ABSOLUTE PATH TOWARDS A CULTURAL ‘RESET,’ consistent with a pattern over the past five centuries, where Anglo-American society has entered a new Era every generation or so (a ‘Turning’), where younger generations change how they feel about themselves, the culture, nation and future.” And every four Turnings – roughly every century – the cycle goes full circle: The 1st  Turning is when prior chaos subsides and individualism weakens (in America this was after WWII); 2nd Turning becomes an era of passionate spiritual upheaval, when civic order comes under attack from new ‘Values,’ with aggressive moralism and culture wars raging (the 60s Hippies); 3rd Turn evolves to a period of strengthening individualism and weakening institutions, with young adults becoming hostile toward the corruption of civic life (Millennials); “the 4th  Turning – where we are today – becomes a crisis, a decisive era of secular upheaval, when a new ‘Values’ regime propels replacement of old civic order toward a complete Reset, and the nation’s foundational culture is upended.” Today’s Activist Progressive views have been shaped predominantly from texts/ tweets/ blurbs/ & banners – on gender & racial diversity, social consciousness, marriage & religious irrelevance, corporate avarice & income inequality, environmental concerns & world order – with little, if any, perspective on life before the Digital World. Historical patterns suggest the likelihood that “sometime before the year 2025, America will pass through a great gate in history, commensurate with the American Revolution, Civil War, and twin emergencies of the Great Depression & WWII.”   [THE FOURTH TURNING – Strauss & Howe]

  “Remember, the greener grass across the fence may be due to a septic tank issue.”

 A fascinating video on today’s Postmodernism culture – how blindly we accept media-produced Simulation as Reality!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D86_ptqd8I

The latest looney-left woke ‘study’ claims racism in Dog Names – “disparity in adoption times for dogs based on ‘racial associations’ with their names, particularly that black & Hispanic-sounding names will cause longer times for adoption, strongest among Pit Bulls… demonstrating the resiliency of racialized names and pervasiveness of anti-Blackness.” https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/01902725221090900?journalCode=spqc&